Advise: Using Pregnancy as a Bait for Marriage.

When I wanted to date her, she said she had a boyfriend so we should rather stay as friends which I agreed. We stayed just as friends until one day we had sex. She told me, “It’s just sex, it doesn’t mean we are anything.” We became friends with benefit from that day on. When she needed sex from me, she came to me and when I needed it, I called on her.

Along the way, I also had a girlfriend. I couldn’t tell her right from the start until she found out herself. She asked and I confessed the fact that I have had a girlfriend for over three months. She didn’t say anything.

We kept being friends with benefit until one day she came to my house and told me she is pregnant for me. I thought she was joking but she kept asking what the future holds for us and started talking marriage plans with me.

My question is, is she trying to pin me down with pregnancy or she is doing all that because I have a girlfriend now? And why is she all of a sudden interested in marriage with me when she’s still with her boyfriend?

Marriage Chronicles: She may have been taking money from you in place of sex but she must have developed some love for you along the line. Women don’t just have sex like men, most times they attach emotions to it….even some prostitutes. So she is obviously jealous of your girlfriend and she doesn’t want to share you with anyone.


However, you have to do your personal test to ascertain her claim. If it is true that the pregnancy is yours, then you can decide if you would like to spend the rest of your life with her or just accept responsibility of the pregnancy. But make sure you don’t marry her because of pregnancy. Good Luck!

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