When She is Dating You and Other Guys at Same Time

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 9 years (we met in SHS) and I’ve never suspected her of cheating. I was gainfully employed at a bank but lost my Job last year. I have been very busy with work to the extent that I didn’t realize she was cheating. So fast forward she came to my place and she gave me her phone to retrieve some old pics from iCloud for her whiles she took a nap.

I was almost done till a WhatsApp message notification popped up on the screen with some love emojis so I was curious to know who it was from. I opened her chats and sir come and see messages. I would have been considerate if it had been just one man but I read over 9 chats from men she has been sleeping with all these while, I am really broken hearted. This is the same girl I’ve taken as my everything and so do not give any other girl attention.

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Tears are trickling down my cheeks as I type this message. So I intentionally asked her if she has cheated on me with any other guy on several times and she lied to me accompanied with tears to backup her answer. I’m so hurt right now and I’ve decided to let her go and not say a word to her concerning this discovery of mine. I am a strong advocate against reading WhatsApp chats of our partners but in this case it has really helped me. I will focus on my future now without considering her now. I would appreciate if you can suggest and advise me.
Thank you 🙏🏽

Marriage Chronicles: The pain of being betrayed and cheated on can be so excruciating and can break anybody down irrespective of age or maturity.

It is naturally believed that men have more of the tendency to cheat than women. Hence, men can cheat for no other reason than sex but women cheat for a couple of reasons. This is not to justify her actions but to point out the fact that you may have led her into cheating with other men.

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You need to find out why she cheated, if not for the sake of make-up but for you to learn more about women’s needs in relationship. So I will suggest you ask her questions in a way she can open up completely before you decide your next line of action.

Thank goodness you are not married to her yet before discovering her unfaithfulness. You may want to let her go but try to forgive her so that you don’t carry the bitterness in your heart for another lady in your next relationship or marriage. Good Luck!

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