Advise: My Boyfriend Is Abusive, A Drunk and A Weed Smoker….What Do I Do?

I am 26years of age and I met a guy in school who is 34 now, we have dated for five years now.

These are the problems am facing with him.
1. He is a chronic drunkard
2. A severe wee smoker
3. For those five years that I met him, women will be calling him anytime of the day if I should complain, he will tell me it’s his business partners of which I don’t know that kind of business.
4. He has a child with a lady which he is not taking care of the child
5. he is abusive

Due to this pandemic, the company in which am working has been closed down and I wasn’t working so I decided to stay with him and it was like a hell. Anything I touch in the room he has issues, shouting at me here and there. Just this week I decided to park my things and leave cos he hasn’t even gone to see my family and is always giving me excuses.

He is the only guy I have slept with in my life and it’s hurting me so much, my heart won’t let me do anything. I loved him with everything in me, my family even asked me to come home but I refused because I know what I wanted. And now he’s telling me there are women everywhere that If I leave him that night he will bring in a woman, am sooo hurt. I had no choice than to park and leave. Please I need a counselor, I want to come out of this, I need someone to talk to.

Marriage Chronicles: You must be a very loyal lover. Not every lady of same age in this present times will stay a day more with your kind of boyfriend. So I must commend you for your love and patience in these 5 years.

However, it is unfortunate that good people are not always so fortunate with most issues of the heart. So you are not the first to be in such unhappy relationship and you certainly won’t be the last.

You should thank your star that you are not married to your boyfriend yet, the situation may have been worse for you than this.

That he is your first love doesn’t automatically mean he must be the last as well. You have had a fair share of the good and bad of the relationship in these 5 years and now is the time to cut the shorts. If he couldn’t make you a good boyfriend, he can’t make you a good husband either.

If he doesn’t love and respect you as a girlfriend, he won’t treat you any better as a wife……rather it might be worse than what you have seen so far. So quit and focus on how you can better yourself and your life. Think of more creative ventures during this pandemic whilst you await the reopening of your company.

You deserve a better man, who will love, cherish and treat you like a queen…. and you will surely meet him when the right time comes. So cheer up, learn your lessons and move on with your life and dreams. Good Luck!

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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