15-year-old Girl Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Broke up With Her.

15-year-old girl commits suicide after boyfriend break up.

I can not phantom why people would end their lives when their relationship hit the rocks.

In another event, a 15-year-old girl, known “Slimzy Jay” had allegedly committed suicide after the boyfriend ended the relationship with her.

Some sources said Slimzy Jay took her life after she found out she was pregnant and broke the news to her boyfriend, “Ro Se”.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend who couldn’t handle the news decided to break up with her.

This was after a friend she supposedly chatted with sent screenshots of their chat just before she took her life.

Slimzy’s sister revealed that Slimzy died on Thursday, at around 10 PM, about 7 hours after she made a post on Facebook about a friend of hers.

She also confirmed that indeed Slimzy Jay (Loveth) committed suicide, but not because of a guy.

The Police are yet to react to the incident of her death.

Marriage Chronicles: Ladies, no man is worth dying for….that’s not love but madness. At whatever age you are, you still have a great future waiting for you.

People come into our lives for two reason: Blessing and Lesson. You are sure to get either of them or both of them as you journey thru life. Once you are aware of this fact, you won’t be devastated to the extent of wanting to take your life or kill anybody.

I will also advise that folks should mature before venturing into relationships. Because relationship is tasking and stressful sometimes, you need some level of maturity to handle its issues.

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