The Perils of Marrying a Wrong Partner.

I saw the pictures of a post you shared and all I could say was “this could have been me.” This could have been me ooooh…..Eiiiiiii. I’m weeping and teary eyed because of what I went through. 

We women must learn sense! My ex husband could use his tie to tie my hands around a leg of the bed, I’ll be lying on the bed and he’ll whip me with his belt. All because of the men who were coming to buy food from me.
Sir, so if I’m selling food, this same food I sold for us to put up a 2 bedroom house and paid for more than half of the money he used to buy a taxi, if I’m selling this food and men came to buy was I supposed to frown? Or shout at them that I’m married so they shouldn’t joke with me? 

I’ll go and sell and he’ll go and park his car somewhere and walk to watch me when am selling. Then when I get home, my greeting will be a slap. I complained so much to his family that they stopped picking my calls but they always told me they’ll talk to him but never did.

I had nowhere to go to. He knew I had no one. He was my everything, my father, brother, best friend everything but he took advantage and he abused me. He beat me up until I got fed up and one day when going, I put sleeping pills in his food. I tied him to the bed and when he woke up I also whipped him with his belt.
After that I left. I had no one to go to, nobody but I knew God will make a way because I decided never to touch that house we built. I was leaving everything for him. 

Now look at me, I’ve built 2 houses and married to a man who respects me and never wants to see me crying. I stuck with an abusive man for so long, what if he had killed me? What if he did the same thing to me one day? I pray the lady gets well soon and she should know that people love her and we hope she comes out of this and never goes back to that wicked man.

Marriage Chronicles: “Marriage is for better and for worse” but that worse shouldn’t be the end of your life. Married Couples, especially women should understand what this statement means. The worse issues of marriage don’t include domestic violence.

You did well by knowing your place as a wife and working hard to make life better for your husband….that’s what a good wife does. You deserve an award for realizing that there could be a better life out there than staying in a marriage full of violence and distrust. Your husband could have ended your life someday or make life a living hell for you for many years.

I’m not advocating for divorce anyways. I’m only trying to say Marriage is for the living and not the dead, so don’t die because of marriage.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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