Wife Slapped Brother-In-Law For Taking Food From Her Pot Without Her Permission

Wife slapped her brother in-law for taking food from her pot by himself without telling her.
The undergraduate brother in-law stopped eating at home to avoid further insult.
The Husband noticed and asked his brother why, “he said nothing”.
Husband wasn’t satisfied, asked his wife, “wife said ask your brother”.
Big brother insisted on finding why, so he asked other sources in the house and they told him what happened.

Big brother (Husband) was very angry and felt disrespected by his wife who could have reported to him to handle the issue.
Wife doesn’t work, so husband provides everything down to pepper and salt. He told his wife to apologize to his brother, the wife said “never….that the house is hers”.

Brother in-law quietly carried his luggage and left without telling anyone.
Husband has told his wife to leave his house since she cannot accommodate his family members but feels free with her own family members.
Wife feels her husband is being unreasonable and seeking advise on how best to proceed.

We need your advice. Who’s to be blamed????

Marriage Chronicles: There is obviously no cordial relationship between the wife and brother-in-law so, he shouldn’t have gone to dish food without the permission of his brother’s wife. The wife on the other hand should have just issued a polite warning to the young guy other than resorting to slapping him.

The husband didn’t mean for her to leave his house or the marriage. He only wanted to establish peace and cordial relationship between his brother and his wife, that’s what his role as the head-leader of the family entails. However, he noticed his wife is not accommodating to his family and not every man would accept that, hence he directed her to apologize to his brother at least, for the slap. Nobody really want to be separated from the family they loved over the years.

Wife should swallow her pride, respect her husband and maintain the peace of her home and marriage. This doesn’t take anything from her, rather it adds values to her as a good wife and sister-in-law.

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