Woman Stabbed Mother To Death, After She Caught Her Sleeping With Her Husband.

A 28 years old woman was arrested for stabbing her 44 Years Old mother in Osun State. The incident happened in a community in Owode Ede, where a 28 years old woman identified as Ifeoluwa Fehintola stabbed her mother, Ruth Shodeya, to death after she allegedly caught her sleeping with her husband. 

The suspect after been arrested said “my mother has been like that since we were small, she goes around with different men even when my father was alive she cheated on him. After my father’s death, she was so comfortable with her wayward life that there is no man she can’t allow to sleep with her. I couldn’t imagine that she will stoop so low to the level of sleeping with my husband. She only came to spend 2 weeks with us and she has already shattered my home for me.
I went to the market to buy some food stuffs and when I got back home I met my husband and my mother on our matrimonial bed. I was so shocked and furious, I went straight to the kitchen to reach for a knife, I wanted to kill both of them but my husband managed to escape leaving my mother behind. I stabbed her on the chest”

The suspect is currently in police custody, and the police in charge said neccessary actions will be taken as soon as investigations are completed.”
The question is; is she justified by her actions? 🤔

Marriage Chronicles: As painful as the incidence was, she doesn’t have the right to stab her mom to death. Though she probably ran out of options and was too angry to think straight at that moment, but reaching out for a knife was way overboard. Apart from the devil being strongly at work on or before the day of reckoning for the mom, she probably may have been cooking up resentment and anger in her heart over the years for her mom.

Divine and societal laws don’t permit her actions, hence there is no way she won’t be charged for murder. What that means is that she will be in jail for some years while the irresponsible husband goes about freely.

Her uncontrollable anger is most likely going to keep her away from her friends, family and loved ones, and from her dreams and aspirations for a couple of years as the judge may decide. A lot of destinies have been wasted due to unhealthy anger and I will strongly advise young folks to be slow to anger at all times because the days are evil and the devil is working so hard to destroy precious lives. I pray she learns her lessons and gather strength to hold on in this trying time.

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