Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Make Your Hubby Your Best Friend.

Written by Wealth Femi.….MC

So many modern ladies seem to misplace the concept of “Boyfriend” and the concept of “Husband”.

A boyfriend is a male friend that is having a sexual relationship with his female friend known as Girlfriend. These two friends have equal right in the relationship. They can be best friends as well. With the concept of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, they may not need family, society or religious approval before they start. But when it comes to the concept of Husband and Wife, the relationship is seen differently. It’s no longer a mere relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend where both the male and female are equal, best friends, classmates or school mates. Their relationship is called MARRIAGE. It requires the official approval of both families, society (Government) and religion. 

Just as the rules of engagement change for boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife, so are their implication and roles. For marriage, the female is no more referred to as a woman or lady but as a WIFE. Before now, the female knows what a lady or a woman is, so also she should know who a wife is. This is where the many problems of marriage begin from. So many women don’t know who a wife is, so they end up behaving like a woman or a lady in marriage.

In marriage, the Husband is a servant leader while the wife is a Servant follower. You are no more equal like boyfriend and girlfriend. The day you say “Yes I Will” to a man’s proposal, know that you have given 80% of your Will to him, that is why you really need to look deep before you leap into marriage with any man. The man automatically becomes your Lord while God, his Lord. He can tell you to forget your career or dreams and become a full house wife, especially in places where cultures and traditions permit him. This means he is now the decider or manager of your future or destiny except you choose to take your Will back by divorcing him.

Three Reasons Why a Woman Shouldn’t make Her Husband Her Best Friend

For your marriage to work well for you, don’t make him your friend, rather let him make you his friend. It is not the same thing. As soon as you start seeing your husband as your friend, there is bound to be:

  1. Breach of Content: What this means is that you will become too familiar with him to the extent that you may forget to give him the respect that will give you his constant love. As Christians. and in many other religious climes, the wife is mandated to submit and respect the husband while the husband is mandated to Love the wife…...Ephesians 5:22-27.
  2. Gender Equality Tussle: Friends are equal in many ways but a husband and wife are not in any way. As soon as a wife starts seeing her husband as her coequal, she will start submitting and respecting him less thereby disrupting the essences of her roles in the marriage….Genesis 3:16.
  3. Competition and Comparison: Friends compete and compare among themselves but this is not allowed in marriage. Unhealthy competition and comparison have made the love and sweetness of so many marriages sour. In marriage both couple are one…..and you can’t possibly compare and compete with yourself, right? Genesis 2:24

Trust me, men don’t joke with their respect, just as women like to be loved always. If he makes you his friend, it means he is confident that your respect for him won’t fail. And as a leader, with less emotional drive and mood swings due to hormonal disorder as in the case of women, he will better manage the friendship. If he ends up making you his Best friend, then be sure of his 90% Love and Loyalty. He can go all the way for you and he will make you his priority…..this is what every wife wants from her husband in marriage.

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