I Didn’t Know Marriage Is So Bad…My Hubby Has Changed!

Good morning sir, I am not happy at all, I need advice on how to follow things. I didn’t know marriage is bad like this that the person that you both love each other can suddenly change. This is 5yrs of marriage with one baby boy and am expecting another one soon. My hubby has changed totally and I don’t know why. I have tried to talk to him but he sees everything that he does as normal. My sis-law has been staying with me since 5 yrs, she is in the university and I didn’t complain. But immediately my sis came to visit he started seeing fault and shouting at her and this was her first time of visiting yet he showed his character.

My problem now is that he doesn’t respect me anymore in front of his sis, he talks to me anyhow and brings my family issues for discussion in the parlor as a topic. I can tell him things as my hubby in the room when his little sis is around he will bring it up, it pains me a lot which makes me stop telling him anything. We were calling ourselves pet names and from nowhere, he started calling me by my name but I still maintain calling him his own pet name. He takes charge of everything, he’s the woman and the man of the house. He tells what we will cook or eat in the house. I don’t have freedom anymore in my house to eat anything I feel for. I am just living like a maid in my own house. His little sis disrespects me due to his attitude towards me. I earn 30k but he will not allow me to do anything I want to do with my money without interfering. My kitchen and entire house is scattered and I feel ashamed when people come to my house. He doesn’t allow me to buy things in my house without his permission and will not appreciate. I’m getting fed up honestly and I don’t know how to talk to him anymore. No authority as a woman of the house to control things.

Marriage Chronicles: Firstly, Marriage is not a bad thing but a very good thing that every adult should desire. However, just like everything good thing of life could be disadvantaged, so is marriage. That is why we have to learn and be matured before we get into marriage.

Secondly, You mentioned that you are pregnant. Not every man or husband can handle a woman during pregnancy during which the woman can become unnecessarily super emotional. So you will need to be patient with him.

Thirdly, you don’t seem to know a lot about marriage and how to deal with your husband. Hence, you kept using the word “MY”. Marriage is not only about your feelings and the things you want. In short, the house is for your husband and you are expected to make a home out of it as his wife. Whilst you are making a home for both of you and the kids, you must not forget to give your husband his Respect. The day he doubts your respect for him, his love and care for you will start diminishing……that’s what you are facing now. He no longer respects you because he stopped loving you. The respect of every husband is in his love for his wife. So, you need to be patient, read more of my articles and stories on Marriage Chronicles and other marriage related books. Don’t complicate your pregnancy with more issues, your unborn child needs you to be strong for it. Good Luck!

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