My Mum Is The Architect Of My Marital Headache.

I never knew my mum is the architect of my woes in my marriage until recently when things became unbearable for me.
I have been going through physical and emotional abuses by the man I married and I have to run back to my mum’s house.
My mum opened up now about how she made the marital connection. A lady that used to live with us, asked her to allow her brother to marry me so that she will help to battle their demonic and faulty foundation. Note that she is a deliverance minister. 
So while my dad and I was asking God to bless me with a good home, she was busy making her plans. I had a man who loves me so much, but my mum prayerfully scattered our marital plans because she doesn’t want an only son to marry me. Fast forward to the day of her regrets, she said she wanted me to marry a man with many brothers so that I won’t lack people! This man I now got married to, ended up almost taking my life and none of his people raised a voice nor lifted a finger😭😭

Why does my mum hate me so? From day one, we never got along, even after my objection to marrying this man because of what I have seen, she says prayers will change those things. I prayed, fasted, sowed seeds for 6 years, I was a good wife, he never had cause to complain yet he never treated me right. 
Please ask my mum how I wronged her? Why will she drag me into this? Can’t she just pray for that family instead of dragging me into this horrible place? I have forgiven her but anytime I remember this, the tears start again. I honestly can’t stand her. Please help me! I’m in pain o! I no longer believe her words, I don’t say amen to her prayers, I don’t even like attending fellowship because she preaches there. I need God’s help too. Please advise!

Marriage Chronicles: You have to try forgive your mum cause from your story she didn’t really mean evil for you. Most parents relate to their children based on their personal experience and knowledge. Your mom only wanted you to marry a man with brothers and sisters which is not a bad thing. That the man bullied you wasn’t the wish of your mom, though she knew from the onset but as a religious person she thought prayers could change the man to a better man for you. Thankfully, you didn’t lose your life in the course of the marriage so, there is still hope for a better future for you. Holding on to the bitter experience of the past can rob you of present and future bliss. Learn your lessons, forgive your mom, husband and focus on the future which has more to offer than what you have seen. Good Luck!

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