4 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Get Pregnant Before Marriage.

Sometimes, pregnancy before marriage can be a decision or a mistake. From my research, so many first born kids were given birth to by unmarried mothers and the women are mostly in their early 20s.

However, it seems pregnancy before marriage is more of a choice and decision than mistake these days. Some of the reasons include the fact that those involved in unmarried pregnancy don’t believe in marriage itself, they don’t even have a spouse they want to marry or they think having a child will automatically lead to marrying the one they love or want. Also, it could be that they lack proper cultural and religious views of marriage before pregnancy or they don’t fear being pregnant before marriage because they have money and some sort of support system to do so.

Getting pregnant before marriage may not be the dream of women, but it has become an idea that they are okay with. Not many even think of the pros and cons of having a baby before marriage, but just go with the flow.

Here are some reasons why pregnancy before marriage or being pregnant and not married isn’t necessarily the best idea.

1. Marriage is a commitment while pregnancy is an experience.

Pregnancy before marriage can help lovers to take decisive steps towards getting married. However, marriage should be a commitment separate from pregnancy. It is an agreement between two adults to officially spend their lives together, and they should do so without pressure from external forces. They should marry because they are compatible with each other, not because they feel they are supposed to. Being forced into marriage because of pregnancy may not end well for the baby and couples, especially for younger and inexperienced spouses.

2. Most Parents and children born outside marriage face financial risks

Pregnancy before marriage can create issues in the long-term, even for the unborn child. The Economic Well-Being of Families with Children…..children who are born outside marriage face an elevated risk of falling into poverty. Pregnancy can be money intensive, so it is imperative to have a proper plan for it. Raising kids too is no joke so there is utmost need for parents to have a good job that can cater for their needs and the baby(s).

3. The Risk of Moral and Behavioral Maladjustment.

Most children born to cohabiting—but not married—parents are more likely to face not only socioeconomic disadvantage but also deal with more behavioral and emotional issues than children born to married parents.

Of course, you can be committed to your partner and decide about having a baby before getting married. But to a child, knowing your parents are married speaks volumes. There are stability and safety that comes when you know your parents are married. You may never be able to give this kind of reassurance as a mother if you are going for pregnancy before marriage.

The thought of rearing a child can be overwhelming, and for a woman, getting pregnant before marriage can bring on an onslaught of emotions due to hormonal changes in her body. In such a state, making sound decisions in that state could be tiring for her. So think twice about the right time to have a baby, being unmarried, and planning for pregnancy.

4. Legal ramifications for unmarried parents.

For parents experiencing a pre-marriage pregnancy, you must know the laws that govern parenting. It differs from state to state, so look into laws specific to your state of residence.

In a very basic sense, married parents tend to have more legal rights than unwed parents. For example, if the woman wants to give the baby up for adoption, depending on the state, the man only has a limited time to file that he does not wish for it to go forward. So having a child before marriage may seem like an okay thing to do at that time, but it may really put a strain on the relationship later on if such issues arise after that.

Having a baby is an exciting and joyful time of anticipation for a new life to enter into the home. In this modern era, more and more people are choosing to become pregnant before they are married.

While many families develop and thrive under this structure, there is still evidence from research that suggests pregnancy before marriage isn’t always best. Couples should look at all the pros and cons of having a baby outside marriage before making their decision.

In the end, creating a loving environment for the new child is of utmost importance to the child.

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