Please Help Me Get My Boyfriend Back Before I go Mad.

May God bless you for the good work you are doing.

I have an issue at hand right now and I want you to help me.

I have been with my guy for three years now, we both have been through a lot. Just this February we had misunderstand and out of anger I told him to bring me a phone I gave to him for us to break up peacefully because he has been cheating on me ever since we started dating but I always forgive and I accept him back. He sometimes pick numbers from my phone and call those people but I see it to be that because he loves me.

Sir, this misunderstanding got him to say a whole lot of things to me and I told him to come for his things in my room cos we were staying together, and later I realized it was wrong for me to treat him that way because he has no place to stay for now. I called a couple of friends to talk to him for me to come home.

I even called a member of his family to talk to him for me but nothing came out of it. I went to his place of work and I apologized for what I did and asked him to come home but he never came. The last time he came was the day after the lockdown and now we don’t talk or chat as we used to do.

He is staying with his cousin cos he has no place to stay. I don’t know what to do now. I have tried everything for him to see that am sorry for whatever that happened and he even told me that he only chats me for me to be OK and is like he wants this to end. His behavior shows and I still love him please what should I do now? Please help me am heart broken now.

Marriage Chronicles: No relationship is without itches and the ability to resolve all issues makes the relationship stronger and better. Sometimes we suspect our lovers, accuse and conclude prematurely when we are madly in love. You obviously didn’t have a concrete evidence of his cheating, that’s why it seems you are entirely wrong in your actions.

It’s good you realized your actions weren’t the best and you have done well by making efforts to fix things with him. However, you can’t kill yourself over a spilled milk. If you have done all you can to make him know you’re really sorry for how you exacted your anger at him and he seems doesn’t want you back, then you have to give him some space. Men like space sometimes, he may come back to you when he is okay. Be patient with him and keep your space. If he doesn’t come back to you, then you guys weren’t meant to be and you will just have to learn your lessons and move on. Future has more to offer than we can see now. Good Luck!

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