Lockdown: My Ex-Girlfriend Gave Me Money To Feed My Family And My Wife Is So Angry.

There was nothing at home, no money in account and the children were hungry.  I started thinking of way out. Who can I reach out to in this lockdown period? It’s serious a issue. I felt embarrassed that my family could not eat properly. 
As I was scrolling on my phone then I found my Ex- Lover’s Number. Old memory came and I decided to send a funny message as thus, “My wife that ran away with another rich man. Tell your husband to send me #2k because he snatched my wife”.
After a minute the lady replied as thus, “Tell me you don’t have money, old husband”. Then he replied, ” Yes, I don’t have money, just send something”. 

In a nutshell, the lady sent 20k into my account instantly. 
I jumped up, took my MasterCard to the nearest ATM and withdrew the money. I gave my wife 10k and kept the remaining. I lied to my wife that a friend sent the money. She bought food stuffs and prepare food. I was eating and left my phone on the TV when a message came from my Ex asking if I had seen the money. 
My wife saw the message, she took time to read the previous messages. And my wife suspend everything. She decided to starve than to eat from that food. I tried to explain but all in vain. Worst part of it was that she instructed the children not to taste or touch the food.
Please am I wrong? Is my wife right with her action? How can I handle the situation?

Marriage Chronicles: Desperate situations require desperate measures. There is nothing wrong asking our Exes for help when the need arises… provided no strings are attached. Exes are not enemies, they are old friends or lovers who couldn’t get into our future due to destiny or some circumstances of life.

For transparency and misinterpretation, you could have told your wife about her before asking her for financial help but from the situation at hand, you probably ran out of options. Now you seem wrong in your actions and you must bring back peace to your home by pleading with your wife and assuring her that there is nothing going on anymore between you and your Ex and nothing will ever happen between you guys again. You may also have to assure her that this is going to be the last time you will ever ask her for such help.

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