My Husband Sent Me 400K Thinking I’m His New Facebook Lover.

Husband and wife decide not to be on Facebook, they jointly made the decision to wipe everything on their  accounts and deactivate it. 
But then, each secretly opened another Facebook with a different names and pictures. 
Somehow they became friends and uncle started catching feelings. 
Now uncle Started feeling guilty of using a fake picture and didn’t want to betray his new found friend, in case she does agree to come visit him when he asks. 
So he decided to open up, and sent her his real pictures, telling her he has a reason for using fake pictures on Facebook. 
Madam realized her Facebook chyker is her husband, so she maintained that everything is alright, that she understands, with the hope of running away and deactivating that account. 
That was when uncle told her how he’s feeling about her and would want  them to meet, that he is seriously looking for a wife. 
Though she was furious, she just told him she can’t make the journey because she is broke. 
But surprisingly, he asked for her account number so he can send her money for flight and other things she would be needing for the journey. 
She got even more furious, she has been the one footing their bills at home because her husband who is away on a job claims he has not been paid for over 6 months, she even sends him money for feeding. 
So she angrily decided to collect money from him, and sent him a cousins account number. And asked him to add something extra that she needs to pay someone to look after her sick mother while she is away. 
He sent her a total of 400,000 naira. 
Immediately she got the money, she blocked him and deactivated her account. 
Now here’s the real case. He came back home one week after that betrayal very sick and temperamental. She knows he is angry, but doesn’t care, but then his temperament is affecting her children, because he is always shouting at them. 
Do you think she should give him back the money or not. If she should, how would she explain how she got it? 

Marriage Chronicles: You didn’t tell me why you also created secret Facebook account after you agreed with your husband not to have Facebook anymore. However, give him few days to live in the pain of his betrayal and cheat. After, call him and let him know you were the new FB lover he sent 400K. Also let him know you created the secret Fb account just to find out if he’d betray you. Forgive him and refund the money back to him after resolving the situation. Good Luck!

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