Watch Video: True Story Of Two Husbands’ Hot Fight During Lockdown.

It was a deadly feud between two African able bodied men with their families peacefully cohabiting in the same compound for over 2 years.

Their wives were quarreling over an irrelevant matters that could have been avoided. Wife A said to wife B, “It is your stupidity that makes your *useless husband* beat you all the time”. Wife B’s husband heard it and rushed out to attack wife A for calling him useless. Immediately, Wife A’s husband also came out to protect his wife.
That was how the fight started. Neighbours came around to separate the fight but the two parties won’t let go. They finally allowed them to fight to finish. Both of them resorted to using nearby deadly weapons and inflicted uncontrollable injuries on each other.

These are two men who don’t usually stay at home. They go out in the morning and come back in the night before this lockdown.
The story ended with both men dying.  One before getting to the hospital and the other in the hospital. Wives A & B therefore ended up being widows and their children fatherless. What a pity?

Watch Video Below:

Marriage Chronicles: No matter what it is, married couples should be rational than being emotional and sentimental. So long you are living in the same compound with people, there is bound to be misunderstandings here and there. However, it is mature to be slow to anger….overlooking matters that could result to feud like this. We don’t gain anything than hurts and in worse case scenarios, death in engaging in mortal combats with our neighbours. Let’s be wise in all we do, life is for the living and not the dead.

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