I Feel So Horrible For Cheating On My Husband With My Smart Boss.

I am 36 and my husband is 38. We have an eight-year-old son and generally our marriage is good.

I’ve been having a hot affair with my boss, though I have a lovely husband and cheating makes me feel horrible.

My husband isn’t the most attentive person in the world but I know he loves me. My boss asked me to lunch six months ago. At first I refused but he kept asking me and, a few weeks later, I agreed. We drove to a pub out of town and I enjoyed myself. He made me feel very special. We went for lunch a couple more times and things changed. He began texting me at work and the messages became more and more flirty.

My boss asked me to lunch and I enjoyed myself – he made me feel very special

He made it very clear what he wanted to happen. He very slowly made things progress and was clearly in control. He took me for lunch at a hotel and told me he had booked a room. I’ve had a couple of drinks by then and wasn’t really thinking straight.I found it hard to resist him pressuring me and we ended up having very passionate sex.He takes pride in being a good lover and is very fit for 52.

Afterwards, we got dressed without saying much. At work, we carried on our working relationship as normal. We haven’t seen one another for a month now, as we are both working from home. But he keeps texting and sending me photos of himself. He has a family and has made it clear this is just fun.

I know he is not a nice person and treats a lot of people like this. This is not fun for me, as I end up feeling horrible. I just need someone to tell me that I must ignore him the next time he contacts me.

Marriage Chronicles: It’s obvious your boss doesn’t need anything else from you than sex. Take this as a mistake and make sure you avoid him as much as you can and focus on your marriage with your husband. Also try to tell your husband how lonely you are when you don’t get his attention as much as possible. Let him know nothing on earth can compare the little attention he’s giving you. and how much you cherish every moment he spends with you. Good luck!

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