VIDEO: Couple Caught Brazenly Having Seks In The Park During Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s sometimes very pitying that, two grown ups can’t find a better place to have their intimacy than public places like at the beach, pool side, bush and even in the park

The witness, who did not want to be named, was on her daily walk when she noticed the man on top of the woman with their trousers “pulled down slightly”.She saw the the pair when she went to take a photo of the sunset in the Park. The woman said she decided to film the couple so she could report them to the police and she was left so horrified she couldn’t speak.

She told reporters: “I was shocked to see a couple rolling around and I thought they were initially dry humping as they both had jeans on. The elderly couple near me looked visibly upset”.

“It really annoyed me as this is very much a family park and I had seen children, dogs and the elderly on my walk. So I decided to take a video and picture and go to the police station to report this gross public misconduct.”Then I realised they were actually having full on sex as both their jeans were open and pulled down slightly.” “I honestly wanted to say something and let them know it was so inappropriate but I was so shocked to my core I could not speak.”

She later decided against reporting the couple over fears authorities would shut the park due to people not following social distancing rules.

She said: “As I left the park, I thought about the police closing the park during the lockdown due to visitors misbehaving and I thought I could not risk it as so many innocent people enjoy this park every day. So I decided against reporting it.

The government has said you should only be going out once a day to buy food, for health reasons, to exercise, or go to work if you cannot work from home. Everyone is instructed to practice social distancing when in public.Social distancing simply means keeping your distance from other people. It means where possible, everyone is encouraged to stay at home, only going out to exercise in small family groups, or shop. Furious woman screams ‘you make me sick’ at ‘idiots’ having BBQ in lockdown.And where you do come into contact with other people, experts advise you keep two metres – or 6ft – between you and any other people. Social distancing also suggests you reduce general contact with people.

Watch Video Below.


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