I Don’t Want To Marry A Man Who Has Parent…..Modern Ladies.

Written by Wealth Femi

Is this statement familiar to you? It is not a strange to me as I have heard a lot of modern ladies say with all manner of seriousness that they would prefer to marry a man who doesn’t have mothers. The reasons behind it are overwhelmingly sarcastic. Although most of the ladies who have said they don’t want to marry men whose parents are still alive, especially the mothers of the men, may have said so from their personal experience or what they heard from married women. And has formed the essence of their decision. However, I think these unmarried ladies are either misinformed about marriage or are scared of the unknown.

Marriage is a complex necessity that doesn’t have a particular approach to solving all its issues. What works for one union may not work for another. So what matters is to have your dream marriage planned before you get in. First you should know that marriage is between two persons and two families. Now it is expedient of you to know the man very well for yourself and conclude if he is a man who can manage the excesses of his family or if he is going to place his family above you at all times. Then you must also know how he sees you and how his family sees you, before saying Yes to him. You may be shocked that the one who doesn’t have parents will be worse than the one who has. So before you start, count your cost very well and put your God given instinct to work.

No man’s parent deserve to die because of your fears and worries. If his parent doesn’t like you…. for no just cause, then advise yourself. It is not a force that you must marry the man you have right now.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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