It Is Dangerous To Marry The Wrong Person…Why?

You can study the wrong course in college and still do better in life than those who study the right courses. You can also gain admission into a wrong university and change it later in life. You can buy a new car or clothing and decide to resell, return it to the seller or give it out as a gift.
You can park into a less befitting house and move out and relocate to a more befitting one.
But, in the case of marriage you may have to live the rest of your life in bitterness and pains with the thought of regret if you are entangled with the wrong person.
This could destroy your dreams, visions and religious or moral belief…. and even lead you to a life of cheating and deceit.

My advice to everyone unmarried is “look before you leap” (Jesus also said “watch and pray”). In looking before leaping, you must remember that there could be spiritual influence in the choices we make most times in the journey of life, that is why we also need to pray very well, for the right person, especially in Africa where family witchcraft is so strong (not telling God what you need when you are already hooked up to somebody in your mind). A lot of unmarried folks pray to God for a life partner when they already have someone in mind they are so attached to. You may never get answer because you already made a choice for God in your heart. So be sincere in your prayers to God for a life partner.

“Someone said marriage is the university that you do not graduate from”….
It’s not also for babies, but for the matured.
Don’t dig your grave by marrying the wrong person…wrong marriage can change your destiny to a bad one. It can make you end so badly in life no matter how much you try to achieve.
I pray you marry who you need, not who you want….there is a big difference…
Lust or emotional obsession can make you marry who you want and forego who you need. Marriage is about who you need….you will struggle less and enjoy more when you get the right person.

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About Wealth Femi

I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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