Day 3: Val’s Day Gifts Exposed My Husband’s Infidelity.

I went back through the chat until I found a photo. It was the same lady he called three years ago to tell it was over. He changed how he had saved her name. He thought he was being clever. Again, I walked to him in the bedroom and showed him the message. I told him, “We’ve been married for four years and out of the four years, you’ve been able to keep a sidepiece for three years. She’s pregnant for you while I’m here struggling to get pregnant with you. Congratulations.”
I threw the phone at him and came back to the hall. I needed to cry. I tried holding back the tears but my throat kept pushing up the lump that was blocking the tears. I had to let it go. I cried my heart out. I thought he was going to follow me to the hall but he didn’t. I guessed he had nothing to say. All night, I was crying and asking myself questions: “Should I have left the very first time I found out?” Is it wrong for me to have given him a second chance?” Now what?” A lot of questions flooded my mind and none had the easy answers.
The next morning he walked up to me, “Why have you made it a point to go through my phone any time you feel like? Have you ever seen me going through your phone since we got married?”

Some times men ask the wrong questions. I don’t know why that is but for the life in me, I couldn’t understand why he would ask me those stupid questions at a time when he hadn’t answered any of the questions I posed to him. I told him; “If you’re trying to cover up your rotten deeds with such shameless questions, then you won’t succeed. You got another woman pregnant while married to me. You and I who need explanations?”

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