Day 2: Val’s Day Gifts Exposed My Husband’s Infidelity.

I checked the time, it was 1:33am. I went back into the bedroom and woke him up. “So I was going through your phone and this is what I found.” I showed the girl’s photo in the lingerie to him. He was shocked. Maybe he didn’t think I would do that or he thought because he archived the message I wouldn’t find it. He sat in bed for many minutes not knowing what to say. I told him, “I knew about the gold watch and the necklace. I thought they were for me. Little did I know you had someone else in mind.”He pleaded. He begged me not to leave him or do anything untoward. Right in front of me, he called the girl on a loudspeaker and told her I’d found out about her and that he had regretted everything that went on between them and doesn’t want it to continue. The girl didn’t say so much because she realized she was on a loudspeaker but I can imagine what ensued between them after that call. I forgave him but I kept the receipt. I’m a woman who loves completely. I give my all in love but when love fails, I’m always slow to get hurt. I forgave him not because he deserved to be forgiven, I forgave him because I wasn’t ready for a divorce. I could have stretched the matter and bring family members in to dissect and know who was wrong and what was wrong but the question I asked myself was, “After all is said and done, will I walk away?” The answer was no. If I wasn’t going to walk away then I better not create a scene. Life slowly returned to how it used to be before the cheating. It was a long winding road but both of us were patient enough to allow things to happen the natural way and it eventually did. Then the virus came and then the city was shut down. The night before the compulsory lockdown, I caught him again. The message on his phone read;
Lady: “Are you going to the hospital with me tomorrow?”
Denis: “It’s a lockdown, remember?”
Lady: “And so? I’m not going through this if you don’t come with me.” Denis: Be reasonable. You know I would have gone with you had it not been this issue. 
”Lady: I’ll be here. I hope I can still get rid of it after the lockdown.” Denis: “Don’t be childish!”  

“Hospital…” “Get rid of it…” You see where this is going? “But who is this lady?”

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