Seven(7) Factors That Certify You For Marriage.

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Like I discussed in my earlier post ” Don’t Force Any Man To Marry You”. I promised to elaborate on the seven keys that put you in the list of those ready for marriage. Until you are sure to have grasped the 7 keys mentioned below, don’t desire marriage otherwise you are likely to fail before you start it. The keys are as follows:

1. Psychological Balance: This talks about how well you are able to manage your responses or reactions to external conditions and how you control your impulses and instincts. When you are psychologically unbalanced, you become too sensitive to issues which might lead to exaggerated reactions. You have to be a strong person to face the issues of life that can affect your relationship at any time. Most times you feel helpless, sad and depressed when things are not working the way you want or plan. Psychological balance will help you to judge what’s rational and what’s emotional…whilst focusing on what is achievable. Unbalanced people can lack feelings or compassion and can be unethical or unashamed. 
2. Mental balance: You need to know yourself very well before you can know others and how to relate with them. You can know yourself by analyzing your skills, strength and weaknesses. Mental balance consists of valuing yourself, knowing what you are capable of doing. Your mental ability deals with your mind. The difference between the mad person and sane person is their mind. Once you have a poor or weak mental state, your mind becomes weak. A mentally ill person can’t handle marriage because marriage is about two persons, and then two families. It is how much you know about yourself that will determine how well you can adjust to your partner’s strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes etc. Mental balance helps you to be more firm and self-confident in the face of difficulties. 

3. Social Balance: You must establish social relationships between family and friends ties before you think about marriage. If you are not socially okay you can’t relate well with your spouse. Social ability should be tested and improved by your family and friends. Working on the social aspect of your life will help you not to be self-centered. It will teach you how to be sincere, tolerant, flexible and compassionate. No man is an Ireland, having a good social life will help you in the days of difficulties in your marriage.
4. Economic balance: This is mostly important for the men. As a man, you must have a job that can take care of your basic needs as well as that of a woman. You may not be rich but you should able to take responsibility of your spouse and have a good economic plans for the family before children starts coming. Money is what makes marriage sweet while character sustains it. A woman with good character can change in the face of hardship because women are for enjoyment. That was why God made everything for man before woman came. Your economic balance affects your psychological balance and every other key mentioned here. It gives you pride and good personality before your partner. 
5. Moral Balance: You must be able to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong before you marry. When you are morally balance, you are able to give right judgement about yourself and partner concerning issues of life that may arise in your marriage. Constructive criticism stems from good moral stand. When you are morally unbalanced, you see good as bad and wrong as right. Even when you have the worse character, you may never know and won’t see the need to change. Moral balance helps you to appreciate your partner and inspire each other in bad times.
6. Spiritual and Physical balance: Life is both spiritual and physical. Marriage is divinely instituted by God. You need spiritual understanding of what marriage entails and why it was instituted by God. You also need to be physically fit, as you will need a good physical posture to face the issues or necessities of life that may befall your marriage later in future. When you are physically and spiritually unbalance,  you may not be able to stand in the days of battles….marriage, like life, is not always sweet, there could be bad days. 
7. Emotional balance: It is a known fact that women are emotional beings while men are logical beings. An emotionally unbalanced person always have mixed feelings. He/she can be sad when he/she should be happy. You become easily irritated and reacts poorly to issues always. This will or can break up your marriage before you even start it. Your emotions must be under good control of your psyche. If it is out of control, you can destroy your achievements before you realize it.

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