Day 1: Val’s Day Gifts Exposed My Husband’s Secrets.

It was Val’s day in 2017. We had been married for only a year so we did things like people in a new marriage. You see, when love is new, you hardly put things wrong. He called me Lillies (Lilian)  and I called him Dillies (Denis). He’ll order lunch and had it deliver to me at my workplace and I would call him and tell him how he made my day. He would say something like, “I don’t intend to make only your day. I intend to make your days forever.”So on that Valentine’s day, my heart was flying on a high note, expecting what Dillies had in store for me. I accidentally found a gold watch and a matching necklace in his bag the previous night. It was wrapped in a red case with a red ribbon running around it. The case was small but what it contained was enough to melt a heart. I knew they were for me. I even had time to feel bad for seeing them before they were officially handed over to me. So I started rehearsing my lines. I didn’t want to spoil the moment; “Oh thank you. They are beautiful.” I would then remove them from the case, put the watch on and ask him to help me put the necklace on. I would run to the mirror, bust a pose and then run and hug him and thank him profusely. I didn’t want to kill the surprise element just because I’ve seen them the night before. On the morning of Val’s day, he gave me a wrapped present that looked bigger than what I saw the night before. I opened it up and it was a set of lingerie. He said, “We are going out this evening so get ready on time.”I wasn’t clear in the mind. Of course, I was expecting a necklace and a gold watch so why lingerie? We had a date planned for the night so I believed that was where he would present the gold watch and necklace to me. We had a lovely night. Food and drink were on point. The location was splendid but I didn’t have the mind to concentrate on what was going on. I was passive at best thinking about when he was going to present that gift to me. We spent all night together and drove home without giving me that present. The next morning, I checked his bag and those items were gone. Red flag! The next night as he lay sleeping, I picked up his phone and went straight to his Whatsapp. The gold watch and the necklace were for a girl she had met not too long after we got married. Judging from their line of conversation, they’ve done a lot and have been to a lot of places. The girl had sent him a photo where she was in lingerie. The same kind of lingerie he got me. He even had a special name he called the girl.

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