Lockdown (Day15): Cheating Wife Exposed By Her Little Daughter.

Mr. Kim and Mad. Akorkor both paid this fines and bought the items for the rituals.
The rituals were performed  on behalf of both parties.
Mr. Kim then met Mad.Akorkor to discuss and agree on something. 
Mr. Kim: what do u think we should do about what our children have done?  I’ve been trying to figure something out but my pillow can’t carry what I have on my head. 
Mad. Akorkor: I’ve been confused as well, I haven’t been able to talk to my in-law all this while.
Mr. Kim: I think we should both meet their spouses and tell them the whole truth and  hear their opinions because we can’t predict what is happening in their homes now. They are all traumatized at the moment. This is the time to show our parenting abilities.
Mad. Akorkor: That’s not a bad idea anyway,  just hope it turns out positive. I wish we could go there but for this lockdown. 
Mr. Kim:  Well, since they can find their way here let’s find a day and call them over. 
Mad. Akorkor: What has your wife said about this whole thing. 
Mr. Kim: she tried confusing the whole scenario at a point in time so I told her to step out of the issue and leave it to me. 
Mad. Akorkor : Well, when do u intend calling them over then?
Mr. Kim: I am always available. What about you? 
Mad. Akorkor : I’ll be available anytime, my son’s home matters to me. 
Mr. Kim: Since they are experiencing the lockdown I’ll enquire from them when they can find their way here so we can meet. 
Mad.  Akorkor : Alright then,  see u. 
Mr. Kim then scheduled to meet both couples in his house. 
Bill suspected something like that so he called Mina and informed her about it. To Mina’s surprise Bill made mention of Louis’s father. Mina had always known Louis to be fatherless. She didn’t show any sign on the call anyway. 
She asked Louis later that evening where his father was and Louis was tempted to voice out everything. But after taking a deep breath he said, it’s the reason why my mum wants to meet us. Pls calm down and be patient everything will be alright OK. 
Mina: Hmmmm, I’ve heard you.

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