Lockdown (Day13): Cheating Wife Exposed by Her Little Daughter.

Bella calls her dad for the first time after what happened. After 30 minutes on the call with her dad,  Bella begun to shed tears. She was quiet for the rest of the period till her dad hung up the call. 
Since then, Bella had been cold, speechless, so confused and depressed.
Bill had tried asking Bella what the problem was but she wouldn’t speak. 
Later that day,  Mr. Kim called Bill and gave him strong caution not to touch Bella and make sure she sleeps alone. He said there’s  a a ritual to be performed before he can do that. He even cautioned Bill cook his own food and eat alone and he meant it. 
Bill calls Mina 
Bill: How are u Mina? Hope u are fine? 
Mina: I’m managing, yourself? 
Bill: I’m good but seriously confused right now. Bella’s dad called me and gave me a strong warning not to get closer to Bella I’m anyway, he claims there’s a ritual to be performed. I don’t know if it will affect you and Louis too. But I didn’t ask about that anyway. Bella herself had been acting strange for some time now. She hasn’t picked any call for hours now and she has refused to eat, talk or even take her bath. She has been sitting in the porch for the past 4hrs.
Mina: Maybe she is now regretting her actions. But come to think of it,  what taboo deserves the ritual her dad is talking about. Because what I know is,  if a ritual will be performed,  it should be for the culprits, but he didn’t make mention of adding Louis to the ritual. It’s quite confusing. 
Bill: That was exactly what I was thinking. But the man spoke with some kind of authority and he sounded so serious and disturbed. 
Mina: Did u ask him what he did with the name he requested for?
Bill: No I couldn’t ask him anything. Myself I’m confused at the moment. 
Mina: Takes a deep breath. Well let’s wait for what happens next. Louis has also been trying to convince me with lies but I kept ignoring him. 
Bill: It’s same thing Bella tried doing, but I barely have her a fair hearing. 
Mina: Well I’m in the kitchen now, let’s talk later. Bye. 
Back to Ningo where Bella’s parents reside. 
Mr. Kim goes to the chief palace to summon one Mad.  Akorkor who hails from Prampram but lives in Ningo with her family. The summon was about a case that was settled in the palace barely 30 years ago. 

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