My Husband is Irresponsible and Heartless To The Extreme.

Sir, I and my husband have been married for 6yrs and we have a son of 3yrs plus. My husband is not lazy but he doesn’t help me with the house chores. Even when I was pregnant with our son, he’d let me do all the jobs in the house to the point that I almost lost the pregnancy at 4 months. He only changed a bit after he discovered that the baby was a boy but immediately I delivered my baby, he became worse than before. I kept complaining and threatened to quit the marriage because of his ugly behavior, he apologized and promised to change.

Sir, my Husband keeps apologizing he’s Sorry he’s Sorry that I shouldn’t leave the Marriage, yet NEPA (Nigerian Electric Power Authority) will interrupt power supply and he will stay glued to his seat and watch me go outside to put on the Generator myself. If there’s no Fuel inside it he will be inside and watching me from there pouring Fuel myself into the Generator and even watch me lifting up the Gen at times to put engine oil inside while our little Son will hold the torchlight for me to see to pour the Engine Oil or Fuel inside! Sir the next morning He will wake up to say my Wife I’m Sorry I’m Sorry but just immediately after he will go to the washing machine to wash his clothes and would meet my own Clothes and our Son’s Clothes inside the Washing machine when he gets there but will remove mine and my Son’s own and put them on the floor, Wash only his own and leave ours unwashed! Now tell me sir, how do I pray for such a Man? This is a Man I met in Church as a Church Worker! Clearly sir, you can see he is not ready for Marriage! All he wants is Sex and Food only and will not give me even N100 to cook food…
NB: I got in touch with the man in question to ask but why all these you’re doing to your Wife his answer was sir, “it’s bcos each time we have disagreements and not talking to each other I stopped doing anything in the house” Is this Good? Pls I need your advice before I die all in the name of marriage.

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