I Love My Husband But His Ex-Girlfriend Has a Strong Hold On Him.

Good morning sir. There is this my hubby’s girlfriend 6 yrs ago who was assisting him when he didn’t have a job then. He was close to her n her family even till now that he now has a good job. She had a son then for another man which is one of the reason why he didn’t marry her. But she wanted marriage with my hubby…. even her mother offered then to assist him financially if he accepted marrying her daughter. But he didn’t like the fact that she has’s got one child, rather advised her to go back to the father of her son who came begging her always for marriage. But she n my hubby have been bonding since then n it has affected my marriage. He keeps comparing me with her. Since I got into this marriage of 3yrs, his girlfriend’s name has been part of the marriage. He keeps singing her praises everyday n said if he knew he would have married her instead of me that she is d best for him. This lady calls him every now n then. When she is in town he visits her even takes her out to sit out claiming she was there for him in hard times then and for that he can’t stop appreciating her. She calls to even find out what he eats daily but he says it’s bcos she has turned to his sister. I want u to advice me…

Please lets advise her. Thank you!

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