Lockdown Experience(Day 7): Cheating Wife Exposed by Her Little Daughter.

Bill receives a text from Police. And it reads.. ” *Bro, the man has told my friend to reserve a room for him at the top floor*’
Bill replies : seen, just update me when he gets there and who visits him. 
Police: okay bro. Are u suspecting your wife or something? 
Bill: Just help me get the info,  but it should be between u and I pls. 
Police: sure. 
Louis goes to his hotel room and calls Bella over. Police gave info about Bella and Louis at the hotel with pics of the their cars sent to Bill.
Bill called Bella that night through out and her lines were off. Mina did same and  Louis’s lines were off too. 
Mina was worried so she sent a text to her husband and it reads. 
*I don’t know why your lines are off,  but I just hope u are fine. Never the less, OK beginning to suspect u*
Bill called a friend to get him permit from his wife,  a health worker so he can drive through town. Which he got.

Bill drove off way morning from home with his daughter  to Prampram and visited Bella’s parents. He asked Mina to go wait for him at the Hotel reception.Bella wasn’t with her parents, so he called Bella in front if her parents and she said she was home with her mum and they are even cooking in the kitchen so she will call him back. Her mum and dad heard her clear. 
Bill quickly drive off to the hotel and met Mina. Louis’s  car and Mina’s car were both parked at one place. 
Bill and Mina waited at the reception as  Louis and Bella descend the stairs cases with kisses and soft touches. To their amazement, Mina and Bill were staring at them right at the spot. 
Mina collapsed at the spot and was driven to the hospital where she regained consciousness.
Bella was so comfortable as tho nothing happened while Louis was shivering on his boots. 
Both families got back home to solve the issue.

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