I’m Lockdown with a Stranger…Husband Cries Out.

I thought I knew my wife until recently when the government ordered partial lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. We have been married for 13yrs with 2 kids but we have never had the time to stay together for a month due to the nature of my job. I met my wife in a friend’s wedding party and we got married after 2 months of on and off relationship. She is so good in bed, behavior and also very beautiful. Of all the years of marriage, I have never had any course to suspect she could cheat on me due to the fact that she is very religious and prayerful. In fact, I call her my spiritual mom sometimes because of how well her dreams come to pass.

For the past 6 weeks I have been home, I was already home before the Lockdown order came. For these 6 weeks, we have only had sex twice because my wife always complains that she is not in the mood…..that her church is on fasting and prayers. Sometimes we’d argue a lot about it but at end I just let her be for peace to reign. Two weeks ago I noticed she was always on her phone smiling more than she has ever done to me. I jokingly asked her who or what could be making her smile like that and she said “my girlfriend, she attends same church with me”.

I’m not a very romantic man but I have decided to use this period to work on that aspect of me. But the more I try to make things work for us, the more my wife makes it bad. However, I decided to keep trying since I’m a little jobless this time….heheheh. Few days ago I found out that her church friend lives 3 houses away from our house and whenever she goes out, she branches her place. The friend is divorced, lives alone in a 2 bedrooms flat, from my findings. 3 days ago, my wife left the house whilst I was napping and didn’t return until I woke up. It was then about 6:34pm and the kids were very hungry, so I decided to take a walk as well as check with her church friend if my wife was with her, since she couldn’t have gone far due to the Lockdown. Lo and behold, when I got to this lady’s place, I overheard my wife and her so called friend talking so nicely like lovers. I got curious, listened closely and their conversation was about how sweet my wife was to her. I wasn’t so sure what they meant so I decided to listen more and it dawned on me that they were lovers. Meanwhile I recorded a bit of their conversation in case my wife wants to deny.

I confronted her about my discovery later, she denied like I expected until I played her voice for her and she opened up. She told me that she has been doing this with her friend before we got married and that it was what broke her marriage up and she decided to move close to our house. They also had blood covenant never to break up…..hmmmm. I’d never had believed if someone told me that my wife was a lesbian because of how religious she is. I also found out that she has had threesome with her friend and her boyfriend several times….this really broke me up. I don’t know if I can ever forgive my wife and even if I do, I doubt we could have good marriage again after the Lockdown.

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