I Think I’m Losing My Marriage After Chasing Him Out of The House.

I found out my husband is cheating with my best friend then he confessed and apologized. It was last year around May we decided to live together and be happy. After 2 months, I found out he cheated with some lady he met at a club I was so angry that it was not so long I forgave him for cheating then now he is cheating again…..he apologized and told me he only went out with the girl and then he was drunk and he is sorry he wont do it again. I became so angry that my anger brought up that cheating with my best friend. I then chased him out of the house….he begged me to let him stay I said no..he asked me where is he gonna stay, I said I don’t care. It was July by that time…I packed clothes only for him and gave him up to December to change.

I already miss my husband and wanted him back to our house…I asked him to come back he said he will but he never did. I went to his parent’s house, we had a meeting and he said hes angry I chased him out…then I apologized. He said he forgives me…..I asked him to come back home he said he will think about it. It’s now 3 months we have been talking on phone checking on each other but he has never come to see me, he even refused when I want to go where he stays. So last week I forced that I’m coming to his place he said no I can’t come to his place. I asked him if he is staying with someone he said no. He later got angry and said this is not working out…. I should move on with my life and he will also move on with his life…so now my problem is I can’t move on because I still love my husband and want him back…should I give up on my marriage?

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