I Love Him But I Don’t Like His Children.

Good morning sir, am very sorry to come to ur inbox sir. please hide my ID. My fiance lost his wife 2 years ago and he has 5 children… one girl and four boys before her death. In 7 days from now, it will be a year he came into my life. All along I have never went to his house until October when he decided to see my family to inform them about his intention to marry me. I have earlier accepted his marriage proposal because I’m a single mom of 2 kids and it hasn’t been easy for me.

After, I decided to go to his house to cook for his kids and take care of them. I have been buying the kids shoes and clothes as their step mom to be. My problem was that boys are very stubborn and make me talk a lot. They can’t help with the house chores, neither will they go on domestic errands for me. I have done all I can, talked and talked to them but nothing has changed. When I report to their dad, he will just laugh over it and won’t say or do nothing about my complaints.

The daughter is another headache. She won’t eat whatever I cook, she rather want to dictate what should be cooked and when it should be cooked. And when I cook what she wants, she still won’t eat the food. Later she’d asked the dad for money to buy food and he gives her. The more I tried to stop the dad from giving the young girl money to buy foods, the more he keeps doing it.

I’m 40 and he is 52. We seem to be cool with each other but I think he’d always put his kids ahead of me. He never seems to see anything wrong with them, especially the daughter. I also have mine 2 kids too. My fears and worries now is that I am not so sure if I can cope with the kids and my husband to be. At my age I don’t want more troubles than I already had in the past. I just want to be happy. I need your advice before I make another big mistakes of my life.

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  1. 7 kids in one house, that’s a lot of trouble in the first place. Dear poster, it’s obvious your husband to be valued his kids more than you. And there’s nothing you will do that will change them except their father
    I will advise you rethink before you marry him, but trust me, it won’t be easy on you if you marry him.

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