My Husband Decided to Cheat on Me Because of My Past.

Something happened between my husband and a colleague of his at work. They got involved sexually, though he told me he did not actually sleep with her but they did every other thing and they both saw each others nakedness. I discovered by the help of the holy spirit and he confessed. I forgave him and I told him not to have anything to do with her again which he promised me he won’t. But sincerely he has never been able to keep to that promise.

There was a time he left the country and within two months after he came back he was back with the woman again. He would chat and talk to her on phone. Since then he has been selling the idea of her becoming my friend to me which I used to reject blatantly. Whenever I asked him why he’s still in touch with the lady he said he wanted to use it to get back at me for something he would later discover that it was not true. And since that day I made up my mind that no matter what he does again I won’t blink. In fact, let him go after her in public I won’t bother myself. But I told him that what he did simply shows that he doesn’t respect my feelings and our marital vows doesn’t mean anything to him. I told him we should stay away from any relationship that threatens our Union.

Now another one happened this Monday. I just saw her message came into his phone and after reading the chat I have switched off from him and I can see the gap growing bigger and bigger now. Sincerely I am pissed off  and I don’t know where this will end.
I am keeping to myself because I want to heal. I want to come to terms with the reality that my husband can cheat on me and to be fully prepared to handle it when it happens eventually because I have children in the marriage. I don’t know why marital lives have to be like this sincerely. I am just tired…

People cheat because they want to cheat, not because they are pushed. Cheating is a choice that comes from a personal decision. However, most cheaters will arrogate or blame their illicit acts on someone else instead of taking full responsibility for their acts.

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