How Do I Tell My Ex Girlfriend Not to Marry Her Fiance?

Good evening sir,  please hide my identity, notify me when posted. I’m 39 years old man, happily married with three children, two boys and a girl. It concerns my 8yrs Ex then, she was very good and I was just like a brother to her and she a sister too. In summary, after my service I got a job with a federal establishment within a short time. I called her that we should start our marriage plans, I was extremely surprised when she responded that she can’t marry me. I asked her why, she responded “I MUST QUIT MY CHURCH TO THEIR CHURCH” . I said no, reason was that, she was from a very tough family, her father was an occultic man, the brothers some are mad, some dead……with other numerous problems here and there.

I told my girl friend then that it will take a very serious child of God, with good foundation, to marry in your family. She knows that I can’t leave my church. I tried to convince her but she bluntly refused; I called the mother and the eldest sister and pleaded with them but they all turned me down. I gave her two months to make up her mind, after that I moved on.

I was posted to far state where I am currently with my lovely family, but due to the love we had for each other then, there is no relationship she goes into without asking me to advise her. Last week she called and told me that the worst mistake she has made in life was for her to listen to her eldest sister, not to marry me, that I was the perfect man for her but she was blindfolded by the eldest sister.

Secondly broke another news, they have printed wedding card, uniforms are ready, finished all the consultation but the problem is that the man is extremely authoritative, any mistake he will beat her up, she is tired already. She asked me to advise her that she wants to end the marriage crying seriously, I can’t tell her to end the marriage ooo, because if I support her the marriage will collapse in the next 1hr. she has been calling on what to do now, please we haven’t seen each other physically for over 6yrs now, I need your advice on what to tell her sir.

So guys, I need your opinion on this. Kindly send your comment on Marriagechronicles. Thank you!

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  1. Marriage doesn’t change someone, and he won’t stop beating you after marriage, it’s better you quit now or you keep enjoying his beatings.

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