COVID-19: I Can’t Take it Anymore…My Man F$$ks And Beats Me Everyday Since Day One Of The Lockdown.

The embittered lady said: “today day is exactly the tenth day since the lockdown order to help curb the corona virus pandemic. I have never been so unhappy since I started dating like I have been in the past 10 days”.

The lady said “I prefer to be out on the street to be infected with the virus and die to sitting in the house all day with her husband who regularly assaults her”

According to her, “since day one(1) of the compulsory fourteen(14) days lockdown, my husband wants to sleep with me four times a day. He physically assaults me when I tell him I’m exhausted and can’t do it again”…. she cried.

“It’s the tenth day now, look how light I have become… I prefer to be out and be infected with the virus than this inhuman treatment” she added.

In the video below recorded by the lady herself during one of the physical encounter with her husband, the guy violently commands the lady to enter the room for the next round…..

Watch the video below

Marriage is a good thing, s3x is to be enjoyed by both partners….and it should come from mutual feelings and agreement. No partner should be selfish about it and no partner should be inconsiderate of the feelings of each other…..that’s the sweetness of marriage.

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