My Husband is a Chronic Womanizer…I’m So Heart Broken.

Pls good evening, Pls I need advice on what to do on this issue 
I’ve been married for 4 yrs now.
Even though I know my husband is a chronic womanizer I wasn’t expecting it to this extent. I have a kid sis who came to stay with me after she got an admission to Senior high school. She was 15yrs by then but now 18yrs. She’s at boarding school though but she comes home on a mid- term break or vacations, 
Only last Saturday I found out that my husband has been sleeping with her anytime she comes from school. She confided in me and told me everything. I called one of my sis to tell her what has happened only for her to tell me she was also harassed by my husband number of times before our marriage. I can’t even tell whether he slept with her also or not but she said she decided not to tell me because she knew I loved him soo much. I have 2 children with him and I’m pregnant with the 3rd child. My EDD is almost due so I went to my parents to deliver but because of this issue I decided to come back and confront my husband. You can’t imagine what I came to meet. There’s this married woman he claims they are just friends but after I left, he has been bringing the woman into our matrimonial home to sleep with her unprotected on our matrimonial bed
Am only 29yrs and the woman is in her late 40s. As am talking all the food that the woman prepared for him for this quarantine is still in the fridge. I don’t know how to approach this issue because am totally broken
He has been begging since and promised to be a totally  changed person and willing to compensate me with anything which am not ready to accept. I have told  him I will seek for divorce and also justice for me and my sisters but he said he’s ready for any punishment but not a divorce. Pls advice me cuz I can’t think straight, I want to inform my parents also bcuz he has committed incest………pls I need ur opinion on this  ,  thank u

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