I’m In Love With My Step Father…He’s my Ideal Man.

In a facebook group where people share their problems unanimously to receive guidance and counseling, a 21 year old lady has shared her bizarre adventure in the group too. According to her, she is madly in love with her mother’s husband, her step dad.

“I was staying with my real dad, until recently I moved in with my mom, who is married to this fine man. This man looks so appealing that I feel like having sexual intimacy with him, I wear revealing dresses, expose my boobs whenever I’m alone with him but he still doesn’t seem to notice me” she revealed.

She also stated that, “I am chubby with big ass and boobs”. She said; “I can’t even count the number of times I sneaked on my mother and husband having sexual intercourse, he seems so good in bed because I have often heard my mom moaned and screamed so uncontrollably when they are in that mood”. “I have always fantasized about the size of his Gandoga each time I looked at him”. I don’t need anyone to tell me that he’s got a big size down there because I could see with my naughty eyes. I have so longed to eat the forbidden fruit but it seems the devil could be stingy sometimes.

My dream came through few days ago when mom went out to get enough foodstuffs for us before the Lockdown, and I was home alone with step dad almost all day due to the heavy traffic in town. I could notice that my step dad watched me several times with corner eyes but I wasn’t so sure of what was in his mind until I sat directly opposite him, pretending to be watching a movie whilst sitting so carelessly with no panties. There and then my righteous step dad passed a comment; “you look so pretty today than ever” and I systematically went to him to hug him thank-you. The hug was so strong that he could feel my soft standing boobs so hard on him and that was how the old man grabbed my fat ass and did what he has been doing to mom to me right away. Trust me, my step dad is a professor of sexology…..omg! I just couldn’t think less of him.

” I now feel jealous of my mother. Sometimes, I have some level of hate for her”….she confessed.

What is more shocking is, instead of her to ask for a way out of this abominable behavior, she asked of how to get the step father’s attention as much as she wants.

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