Most Ladies are Suffering from Another Virus during this Lockdown..

This lockdown won’t kill person oooo. To be honest with you, married couples are not finding it easy either. More worrisome is the fact that most ladies, especially single ladies who are already living in their own apartments from family and friends, are suffering from another newly detected Situation-made Virus. This Virus, if not properly handled, can also be as deadly as the Corona Virus that has brought about the Lockdown we are currently in. I know someone may be wondering in anxiety to knowing what other virus could be worse than the Corona Virus which has killed thousands of people across the globe and has put human free day-to-day existence on hold for the past 3-4 weeks. Anyways, it’s normal to be anxious at this point because we all can’t wait for Covid-19 to end and life goes back to normal again. In order not to put you in wonder mood for too long, the new Virus distorting the peaceful life of many ladies during this global lockdown period is known as Boredom Virus 19-20 (BV19-20).

Boredom is a killer disease if not well managed. It can send wrong messages to your mind and put you in a state of loneliness. A lot of people across the globe have committed all manners of crimes because of boredom….it can kill when people are tired of it. Boredom is a situation-made Virus which has several control measures just like the Covid-19.

There may be many reasons of feeling bored. A person who is feeling bored knows well the reason behind his/her boredom. However, before we talk about the solutions for boredom, it is pertinent to talk about the causes. You may have to answer these questions for yourself: Are you jobless? Are you broke? Are you single or married? If you are not married, are you currently in a serious relationship? Did you just have a break up? Have you been desiring marriage for some time now? Do you have close friends and family you can talk to anytime you want? What is your purpose in life, do you have a goal or target?

There are some temporary solutions for overcoming boredom problems, such as, going for a long walk, doing some yoga or aerobics, talking to a friend, drawing cartoons, singing, dancing etc. However, for permanent and positive solution of your boredom you need to take the following step:

1. Don’t sit idle: Do something which interests you. In your free time, read a book, write an article, watch a movie, listen to music or telephone a friend.

2. Draw a detailed success plan of your life and concentrate on it. Set realistic goals and follow through step by step. Imagine the future you want and think of how you will achieve it.

3. Keep dreaming and keep improving yourself: Every man wants an industrious lady. Don’t just wish and keep wishing for a man to come take you away from your boring life. Use the opportunity you have right now to improve on yourself, your body and your dreams.

4. Score yourself: How has life been with you? Have you ever been in a relationship before, if yes, what went wrong? You need to go to the root cause of past negative events, no where you failed and learn your lessons before you delve into another relationship.

5. If you are feeling emptiness in life then establish a link with God. Start praying and do meditation. God has answers to everything and He knows what’s best for you….don’t take this for granted.

6. Be Thankful: Always know that you are blessed and be thankful to God. Also remember that somebody wishes to be like you and you are a role model. Age doesn’t matter in life, so long you have health and life, you can achieve your dreams in the future. Nobody is ahead of you, keep living a positive life by carrying a positive mind.

Remember that life is not boring. It’s a gift of God for you to enjoy. Life becomes boring when you start living aimlessly. If you follow the purpose of your life then you will never get bored. Your happiness is not with anybody, it is with you. Be Happy as much as you can and let people share from it.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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