Covid-19: I’m Madly in love with my Husband’s Brother due to Lockdown..

Anita: I just couldn’t wait to end this damn day and go home to see prince charming, Tim. I wish I could hand twist the time until it gets to 4pm closing time……it has been a longer day than usual. I have never been so anxious to go home for a very long time, except there was serious need for that. The fact that I still feel horny after last night Sodom and Gomorah sin, is another reason I wanted to get home earlier than usual. Well, the long wait was over and now your newly recruited Jezebel, the queen of all evil, didn’t waste 1sec to leave the office. Helen wondered what the rush was for but I just gave a flimsy excuse which really didn’t make sense to her, but who cares?

Thank goodness, the traffic cooperated with me that day and soonest I was home. It appeared the devil loves me too much because no one was home except Tim, who seemed to have been so anxious to see me too. When he saw me, he couldn’t hold back his excitement…which got me turned on the more. He rushed to kiss me and shut the entrance door after me real fast. What else are you thinking? Well, we went straight to his room where we could see the compound gate clearly in case someone was coming in. There, this devil incarnate gave me the fuck of the century. He was so good that I came twice in a roll…..something I hardly do….maybe because I was also very horny. His voice and right words also made me feel real good. He just kept saying with his European accent, “I love you babe, you’re the best and I don’t wanna ever leave you”. Those words are necessary for orgasm….trust me!

After we were done with the war of Armageddon, we decided to chat a bit before people start coming. The conversation was necessary for me cause I needed to know what he really feels for me. In my little senses and experience, I found out that he started liking me from the first day he saw me, and then on my wedding day. And he said he has envied my hubby for having me. While we were chatting, the atmosphere was charged with sexual attractions which is one of the major thing I lacked with my hubby.

Since I was 8 months pregnant of our son, I noticed my hubby was no more sexually attracted to me anymore. I have tried several times to draw his attention to the fact that we needed to work on our sexual life…. which is very important in marriage but he’d end up making me feel like sex is all I care about. This is obviously the reason I have fallen to this sin of betrayal. I have never thought of cheating on my husband because I love him and he loves me too but love is not enough sometimes. I feel guilty but not ready to quit this sweet sin. I have made up my mind to keep enjoying it while it last. I am not also thinking of leaving my husband because he has been there for me and my family all along. I only pray God forgives me and help me not to be caught someday.

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