Lockdown: I am Madly in Love with my Husband’s Brother…

Anita: I slept for 5hrs without interruption and woke up all glowing but overtly saturated with guilt from the sweet sin I committed earlier that morning. Hubby could notice I wasn’t too happy and he asked me “How was your night, Anita”. He asked that question as if he knew what I did with Tim, so I wasn’t so sure of what answer I should give. The fact that he called my name too was a killer because he mostly call me by my name when he is mad at me. I just frowned and entered the bathroom in anticipation for what next he’d say…..omg! At this time my heart beats had changed as if I have gotten the Corona Virus. There was 2mins silence until I heard “baby I’m sorry for last night, I was too tired for sex…but I promised to make it up to you later tonight”. Jesssss!!!!…..when I heard these words, I got cured immediately of whatever Virus I was suffering from….this is obviously Guilt Virus. Then and there I started the nagging game to make him plead more. I just wanted to be sure he wasn’t playing mind games with me. He kept saying sorry hun until I left the house that morning. Hearing him call me ‘Hun’ gave me much reliefs.

When I got to work, Helen was waiting for me and didn’t wait a minute to start scolding me for not responding to her messages last night. In my mind I was saying “Bitch if you only knew I was busy fucking your European lover last night, you’d start killing me”. Well I just smiled after and pleaded for her forgiveness. She wasn’t pacified enough but didn’t have much choice as she was also curious to know about Tim. She must be seriously into Tim now, like I knew she would and I’m a bit worried about that. I didn’t say anything nice about Tim just to discourage her but I don’t think my strategy worked because she only responded by saying “babe I have fallen for that dude and I don’t really care if he is worse than the devil himself, I’m just gonna be his female counterpart”…..I only replied “Hmmmmmm this girl! you are just impossible” and left her to my office.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything all day. My head was preoccupied with Tim and what we did last night. Sometimes I’d smile and some other time I’d be overwhelmed with guilt. I couldn’t believe I cheated on my hubby with his cousin but I did and I enjoyed every bit of that sin of betrayal. At this point I can tell you that I’m falling in love with this Tim…..I know how stupid I could be I don’t know how I will handle it but I know I wouldn’t want to let him go. The fear now is; does he feel the same way for me too? He behaves like a perfect flirt. Whilst I was having all these thoughts, the devil texted “babe are you okay? I have been thinking about you all day and can’t wait to see your pretty face. Please make sure you come home right on time for a sweet kiss” and ended up sending countless kiss and heart emojis. His messages got me more in love and also couldn’t wait to see him as we didn’t see each other before I left the house.

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