Covid-19 Lockdown: I’m in Love with my Husband’s Brother…Her reasons will shock you.

Anita: So the bad boy kept kissing my neck until I lost control and yielded almost completely. Meanwhile, the fear of my hubby or someone walking in on us won’t let me all loosening up for Tim. I have done hide and seek love before when I was a teenager so I know how it works. However, I love my husband and I have never cheated or thought of cheating on him before for any reasons. I don’t know what Tim has done to me that has brought out the bad girl in me. Anyways, I’m so wet right now but certainly not going to allow this bad boy to sink his heavy erected dick into my wet horny pussy….no way! I must have said this to myself with the remaining last sense left of the 5 senses God gave me. Right away I pulled out so strongly from Tim and pretended like I’m mad at him for trying to touch all my sensitive arsenals…..omg! Immediately I could pull off him, I walked very fast to my room.

Now in the room with hubby at same position I left him, snoring like a pig. I love my husband but his snoring is just an off beat for me…..and trust me, hubby can sleep as if he is on drugs or something. I changed into my sexy pyjamas just to try catch some sleep. But how am I suppose to sleep with all that has happened tonight? Whilst I’m trying to forget everything, hubby was busy farting and snoring……..just as if the devil was using him to push me back to Tim or something because there was no way I’m going to stay in this room with all the Iran and Iraq war noise.

Now your still horny and already damn wet girl decided to go to the hall, after about 15mins battling in the room with all my hubby was doing.. The demon I thought should have gone to his room was sitting at some darkest corner in the hall in a short boxers. He gave me some devilish smiles and said “I knew you can’t sleep and will surely come back for me”. I pretended like he wasn’t right by ignoring him and went straight to my son’s room to make sure everyone was still deeply asleep….hmmmm once a bad girl is always a bad girl trust me! On my way back from the kids’s room, Tim intercepted me straight-up , pulling me to himself as usual and started kissing me so vigorously like a mad dog on 100degs Celsius heat. At this point we both kissed each other like old lovers who just met again after 10yrs. I haven’t had that kiss in a while now, so I was really enjoying the freshness of his breath and his soft kissable lips damning the thought of him possibly having Corona Virus . He pushed me to one of the couches and put his left hand into my strait button-down sexy pajamas. It didn’t take him more than 1sec to locate my red-hot clitoris….ussshhhhh this demon must be a professional! That got me all turned on that the sound of my husband’s steps couldn’t have stopped me if he dared stepping out of the room at this ‘ungodly’ time….hehehehe. Tim kept on kissing me so nicely, sliding down slowing, apparently to give me head. Just like I thought, there he is with his tongue in my slimy pussy…. sucking hard on my clitoris like a porn-star. At this point, I was gone…as in real dead in this sweet sin. After few minutes of sucking me hard like a sweet orange, he sunk his huge well erected Gadonga into my wet slimy pussy and rode me slowly as if he knew I haven’t had sex for over 2 weeks. He maintained the pace for few secs and got harder and faster….ohhh my gosh! I felt like I was just having sex on my wedding night, after a long wait. He was as good as he looks. After few minutes of missionary, he turned me and rode me from behind like a horse… see this doggy style? It can take my breath away and make me cum like an amateur. It didn’t take up to 1min, I came whilst vibrating like a 50KVA generator. He kept banging me as if he knew I needed more to make up for the months I haven’t had good sex. After a while, he blew some hot cum into me and quickly pulled out, kissed me and said “you are sweet baby” whilst walking to his room. I couldn’t move immediately because I had to pump out some cum and I was too satisfied to move. So I took few minutes to put myself together before going back to my room. At this time my hubby had changed position but was still very much asleep like a dead man.

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