Covid-19: I’m in love with my Husband’s brother….Her Reasons will shock You.

Anita: The noise of my husband’s snoring was so loud like the noise of an accelerating China made articulated Truck…..not that I can remember ever coming close to any of such Truck before…smiles. I knew there was no way I’m going to fall asleep with all that noise because I’m not a deep sleeper. I tried to get hubby to stop the annoying snores but it was like the more I tried, the louder it was. At a point I gave up and decided to see what was new on Facebook until I could sleep. Just as if the devil was everywhere waiting for me, the first thing I saw was a dark guy who was obviously a fitness therapist…..he was talking and gesticulating just same way like Tim. I paused to ask myself if I still see and hear well or if Tim was the only thing in my slow thinking brain. I think at this point that maybe I have got Corona Virus or Tim has infected me with a virus worse than the Corona Virus. Otherwise what else could be wrong with me? The more I tried to erase the thought of Tim from my silly head, the more I think and want to talk to him.

At this point, I dropped my phone and started thinking about everything. But I couldn’t think straight as my husband kept interrupting me with his snoring… me I hate snoring but I have strangely put up with hubby’s snoring over the years. As I kept battling with myself and hubby’s noise, I miraculously dozed off……thank goodness I did cause I was gradually feeling headache.

When I got to the office the following day, Helen was there waiting to update me about Tim but I had decided not to allow her mention Tim to me again. So I wasn’t responsive as she had expected. The bitch quickly thought I have probably had a fight with hubby before coming and I just played along her thoughts just to make sure we don’t talk about Tim. I was busy the whole day and we never had time to discuss Tim until we parted for the day.

My husband usually gets home before me because he is the boss of himself and he is not much of an outing person….that’s one thing I like about him. This time hubby was in the sitting room with our son while Tim was on phone at the balcony. He sighted me and gave me a wave but I didn’t wave back as I’d have done few days ago. In my undefinable mood, my stupid eyes still could admire Tim with his charming looks and his sleeveless bluish Polo….as I walked straight to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and some food. And whilst I was eating I was talking with my hubby and my baby, then Tim came to join us and took over the conversation with his European Accent……my mood started loosening up as he kept flowing in good English. I wasn’t apparently talking anymore, my husband too was just contributing with hmmm, ehnnnnn as there was no way he could match Tim with English…..hahahahaha. Tim kept watching me along the line and he could notice I wasn’t so cool with him like I used to but he didn’t have the chance to say anything to me. I left them immediately I was done eating, went for a cold shower and took a nap. I had a few chat with Helen, thought about Tim’s soft lips and charming voice, his perfect looks and napped off.

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