COVID-19: I’m in Love with my Husband’s Brother…Her Reasons will Shock you.

Anita: I slept for about 3hrs, woke up 9:23Pm. My hubby just took his bath, getting ready to hit the sac. He is an early sleeper and also the first to wake up everyday. So it is obvious the remaining part of the night was going to be me alone as there was no way I’m going to sleep till midnight. You can call me a night walker or an Owl because that’s what I am actually. I picked up this way of life from my university days when we’d study throughout the night till dawn…..I don’t think I’m the only one in this department…am I?

The main issue was that I woke up feeling very horny. Listen, when I’m horny I become unnecessarily excited and sexy. My hubby already knew this but he demonically behaved like he was just my father who was trying to advise and pray with me before going to bed. I tried to get his attention in every way I can but this man was only interested in catching his sleep. All he kept saying was that he’d have a long day….. the following day….because they were trying to round up all sales before the government announces a Lockdown which will definitely affect his business. However, when a woman is horny, no excuse or explanation actually make sense, so he really didn’t make sense to me but I have to let him be……I already knew this about him.

I didn’t want to leave the room to avoid seeing Tim, but hey.. this is my house and I still have some control over myself. But I did think about Tim before I took that nap….could that also be the reason I woke up feeling for sex? Maybe yes! Anyways, I need to eat something, as I also eat a lot when I’m horny. So I dressed up in a Jean nicker and an XXLargeeeeee T-shirt, just not to look attractive to Tim in case he sees me; because he is obviously not operating African time. He is mostly awake till midnight since he came into our house. While I was stepping out from my room, I sighted Tim in the hall watching SuperSports. I wasn’t surprised to see him there so, it’s fine. I’m not sure if he heard me opening and closing the room door coz he never turned back to look who it was. I also pretended like I haven’t seen him as the lights weren’t bright…. leaving the hall semi dark. But the good girl in me couldn’t help but to greet him while I passed very fast like I’m in a hurry to go back to the room. I could see him with a corner eye watching me obviously wondering what’s up with me. Well, I was in the kitchen for 10mins alone and was thinking he must have noticed I don’t want him around me anymore. Before I could finish thinking, here comes the arch wizard. And he was like ” hey babe, what’s wrong, you seemed to be avoiding me all day”? Did I offend you in anyway? The fast mover didn’t wait for response before grabbing my waist from behind, pulling me so firmly to his Gandoga. He is tall and stout…..quite taller than me and my hubby…….this is one of his features I can’t resist. I have always wanted a tall guy but life won’t always give us what we want and when we want it. My husband isn’t short tho and Tim wasn’t all that taller than him but the devil has opened my crazy eyes to see my dream man in Tim after few years of marriage. All I could say at this point is: please let go off me. I couldn’t say it loud enough in order not to send signals to everyone in the house. I said so again while trying hard to pull out from him but I’m sure this damn guy was ready for the worse. He sure has guts tho very humble and respectful…..but the devil or some spiritual force must have possessed him against me. He kept holding me so closely to his already raising gandoga while whispering into my ears “I’m sorry babe, I don’t want us to have issues because I really like you a lot and your beauty is beyond description” Oh men with words! My reply was that I’m your brother’s wife and you can’t like me more than a sister-in-law. The idiot responded ” don’t tell me you don’t already feel something for me?” He said that whilst kissing my neck… see my this my stupid neck? It can make me horny when I’m not and the fact that I’m already horny….jessss! Trust me, I have already lost 3 out of the 5 senses I had before Tim came. And now, I’m sure the remaining 2 senses left are under serious pressure and will soon give up. Meanwhile, I don’t wear panties at night and I didn’t wear any this time….thinking the jean nicker can rescue me in a silent night like this but certainly not when all my senses are already giving up on me. Tim by now must have known as a professional that I’m yielding….though I was still struggling to be a hard lady.

The story will continue later, I don’t want to bore you guys. Just stay tuned to or my Facebook page: Marriagechronicles. Thank you!

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