Covid-19: Woman Caught her Husband Banging her Maid in the Room next to the Other Room

It shall never be well with this Evil Corona Virus that came all the way from China to Nigeria. The stories flying up and down through the length and breadth of Africa especially West Africa, are getting worse than the Corona Virus itself.  
In not up to 48hrs, Mama Bolaji was seen by her neighbours beating up her pot belly 48yrs old husband. The video of what she did to her husband will shock you. http://<iframe src=”″ width=”261″ height=”714″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true” allow=”encrypted-media” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

We don’t know for how long ogah has been banging his house maid. We also don’t know what could have led to that. But I’m sure boredom and the evil spirit of Corona Virus must have caused this illicit affair. I personally condemn the action of the man, he doesn’t have any reason to condescend so low to having sex with his house girl with madam around the house. It is a height of disrespect for the wife. Not that this incidence is new to us but we could have thought that using this period to get closer to God and making the marriage sweeter would have helped to drive the Corona Virus away from the society faster. However, the reaction and action of area mama (Wife) weren’t the best. As a matter of fact, not accepted in our tradition and local society. Though it is painful and heartbreaking for the wife but two wrongs never make right. Some men cheat for no reason but some do for cogent reasons.  

I have said it before and I will keep saying it…..”Marriage is for women”. The success of every marriage is 70% dependent on women. They are home managers and better custodians of life and property. But many of them spend more time desiring marriage rather than finding out what they need to know to make a good marriage. So we are having unimaginable and unprecedented issues from marriages across the globe. It is not enough to be married, maintaining the sweetness of marriage is more crucial. As a matter of fact most marriages have lost its usefulness. That’s why there are so many divorce cases here and there, men separating from their wives and kids, some killing themselves and all that. We can’t continue like this. These are some of the issues marriage Chronicles seeks to tackle because when homes are peaceful and sweet, the society will be a better place for us. Follow our daily posts for more information about marriage and how your relationship can work well.

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