I am in Love with my Husband’s Brother….

So like I said, Tim is very eloquent with English and conversationally interesting. The fact that he could speak like black Europeans makes him more attractive to me…..you know how we locals behave when having a conversation with the whites. He could say certain things more than twice before I get him well….hahahahah ….you don’t have to call me a village girl because I know I am, tho better than my husband.

So whilst cutting few vegetables to garnish the noodles with, Tim was trying to help me lite up the burner. Soon after, he came closer to teach me a different way to cut veggies. I was shocked as he didn’t strike me as a man who has any culinary expertise. So out of curiosity I started asking him questions about his personal life and experience. And found out he was raised in a home of 3 boys plus him. So he had the privilege of learning how to cook and do house chores. It was his auntie’s home, a no nonsense woman who can beat like a Nigerian Army.

Because of my job, I’m not much of a home or kitchen girl, my maid does virtually all the cooking and house chores. So I have earlier decided that due to the Corona Virus ‘by force holiday’ it will be a good time for me to do more of the cooking for the family. With Tim offering to put me through with continental dishes, I’m more ready than ever to be in the kitchen as much as I want…..but hey I hate cooking and being in the kitchen…but I like all kinds of food…..even the other room food…hahahaha.

Before the noodles was ready, we were done eating. We were like old friends catching up on each other and we ate the noodles together from the frying pan. Trust me I haven’t done that since university days. Because we were busy chatting, it took us more than an hour to finish up from the kitchen. We later came to the sitting room but Tim asked permission to go catch some sleep, I didn’t want him to go but I had no choice. Tim left and I was alone and lonely in the sitting room. All I could do was to sit and check my phone to see if I have got messages on WhatsApp. Then comes Helen, closest female friend from the office. She had dropped a thousand silly videos and text messages for me. And I had to reply her real fast to avoid scolding. She can scold me like she is my mom or boss if I don’t give her attention on time. The only message I responded to was her silly question “if I was sitting on my husband’s dick”. Helen can be so naughty and in fact, she is a demon herself but she has her good sides that I like a lot. So I respond “silly girl, I’m home busy fixing noodles for my husband’s cousin”. She gave me a wink emoji and I was like “what was that for”? And Helen started a new topic…..I’m sure you know what a naughty girl will start up.

Helen started by: Why didn’t he go to church with his brother? He must be an interesting person to have got you that long in the kitchen, right? I know you are a very boring person to chat with….and she is right on that. So I answered her question just as much as she wanted. The next thing I read was “kindly send his pics to me, I want to see this guy who could keep my girl in the kitchen for over an hour”. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t have his Nigerian contact or his pics on my phone. So I promised I’d get his pics for her later the day. While we were still chatting, power was interrupted and few minutes later, Tim came out from his room, saying he couldn’t sleep.

I felt sorry for him but I was happy we’d continue our gists. I suggested we had a drink and he yielded by making a choice. Thankfully we had his brand of champagne in the fridge, already chilled. And we started talking whilst drinking together. Sooner than 40mins my husband and kids came in. But before now, we were getting tipsy and flowing very well with the conversation that was already dealing with past his relationships and why he wasn’t married yet.

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