I am in Love with My Husband’s Brother who is Living With us Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic, some seem to be enjoying the Government Isolation order at home while some can’t wait for things to get better again so they can live their normal life.

Tim and Anita, who are suppose to be brother-in-law and sister-in-law have discovered something new about each other. It is no doubt that the COVID-19 situation created the chance for the new discoveries between these two adults.

Until two weeks ago, Anita had only met Tim on their engagement day. Because Tim is based in Europe while Anita and her husband are based in Nigeria.

Anita: I knew Tim 3 months before our marriage but I only met him once until now. I have spoken to him on phone like 4 times after my engagement day but since then we haven’t seen. I knew Tim is a cute guy but I didn’t really know much about him until he came to Nigeria 2 weeks ago. My husband and Tim are first cousins but they are closer than my husband’s direct brothers. I was informed that Tim will be coming to Nigeria and he’d spend 5 days with us. He didn’t probably know that the Corona Virus Pandemic will lead to border closure and all that there is right now.

The day he arrived our house I wasn’t home so I didn’t see him until the next day when I came back from a wedding I earlier attended. Immediately I entered the house, I asked my 3yrs old boy and my maid about Tim and I was told he was in the guests’ room. I was still in the hall talking to our maid when Tim walked in and lavishly smiled at me whilst trying to greet me in our native language. He quickly moved closer to give me a hug and pecs on my cheeks….just like the whites do…. whilst handling a gift bag to me. I was surprised he remembered me enough to get me a gift….you could imagine the excitement on my face as a woman. You know women and surprises! Out of gratitude, I quickly offered another hug which drew my attention to the sweet fragrance of his perfume and I complimented him on that.

Day 3 was a Sunday and I needed to rush to my office to fix an assignment for my boss since I wasn’t at work on Thursday and Friday due to the wedding ceremony I attended. My husband and son and maid went to church but Tim couldn’t go with them. So apparently Tim was the only one at home after we all left. I thought it will take me the whole day to finish up the assignment but thankfully, it didn’t even take me more than 2hrs. I quickly rushed back home as there was nothing else to do at the office. When I got home my husband and the kids weren’t back from church yet. I tried to call out Tim from his room but he didn’t respond. So I walked up to his room and found him popping out from the bathroom in a sexy boxer pant, looking all fresh and handsome. I don’t quickly look at guys twice but the devil in me made me look at Tim more than 3 times that day with some smiles on his face. Trust me, the guy has some sexy smiles that can attract even the goddess of Ethiopia. So I asked him if he had eaten and found out he hasn’t taken any food that day…..not that it was too late since it was just few minutes to 12 noon but in our home we don’t allow guests to starve. Then I quickly left him to prepare some noodles for him. While I was in the kitchen he came around and there we were talking. He is 1yr, 4 months older than me but he is very humble and respectful. He has a nice manly voice with good command of English. The fact that he has been in Europe for 14 years also gave him some cool use of words……you know what I mean, right?

Hey guys, I need to pull over here. The rest of the story will be told later. Stay tuned to Marriage-chronicles.com. Thank you!

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