A Supposed Father of 4 Kids says “Thank God To Corona Virus”

It was less than 72hrs we got the story of a man (name withheld) from Ghana who is a pilot with a renowned African airline. He has been married for 12yrs to his beautiful Ivory Cost lady and mother of four kids (3 girls, 1 boy). They have been so much into each other that most of their friends and families envied their relationship.

The man said though his job always takes him away from his family but he makes sure that whenever he is around, his wife and kids get all the attention and love they deserve. Sometimes he would take them out on vacation for few days, spends quality time with his wife and make sure they lack no basic need while he is away. However, we also know that no relationship has it all rosy always. There comes a time when unforeseen contingencies are inevitable. This was the case of this man.

On the 15th of March 2020, he had his last flight from Abidjan to Ghana and wasn’t suppose to fly until further notice. So he already knew that he was going to have some break to be with his family. He was so excited as thought though everyone was already agitated by the increasing fear of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city. Meanwhile, his son, who is second to last and his last daughter had earlier returned from school sick and became severe 2 days before his arrival at home. Meeting the situation, he was so worried and wondered why his wife hasn’t taken them to hospital for proper check up yet. But his wife claimed to have been too busy shopping for the home ahead of total Lock-down of the markets and shops. He then took them to hospital where blood samples were taken to ascertain what the ailment could be. The man said he has never had the opportunity of taking their kids to the hospital in their 12yrs of marriage. So it was an exciting but stressful experience for him. Out of curiosity he decided to know their blood groups and Genotype. He later found out both kids have same blood group which was different from his, as he shares same blood group with his wife. Here and there, he started remembering all the strange stories he has heard and read about on social media about kids not belonging to both parents and all that. Now he decided to also go for DNA test on the kids which the results are yet to be out. Although the man has been very thankful to COVID-19 for giving him the opportunity of knowing this important thing about his kids, but has also been very worried about the reactions of his dear wife who had consistently tried to discourage him from having a DNA tests on the kids for some flimsy reasons. The man confided in one of his closest friends who has not been able to give a better explanation to why the kids should have a different blood group from their parents and he decided to share with marriagechronicles.

The man has been so scared of what the DNA results will be because he loves his wife so much and can’t stand any form of betrayal from her. This hasn’t made things good at home and has put the entire family in a serious Isolation situation.

Kindly share with me your advice and suggestions for this man. And also share your story with me, if you don’t mind. Thank you!

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