Don’t Marry a Poor Man. I’m sure you Want to know More…

I think it is imperative to enlighten someone on the concept of poverty and its overwhelming impact on your relationship. Love is a beautiful thing and it is indeed the ‘beginning’ or ‘starter’ of every relationship. Take note I said love is the start because it may not be the ending. Have you wondered why Love is mostly simply represented by flowers? That’s because Love is just like a Flower…’s beautiful and fragile. Flowers need to be watered to blossom always and when they don’t get the nutrients necessary for their day to day existence, they either wither or die eventually. So also Love is. It takes Money to make love grow strong and fresh. A poor man’s love is limited in many ways and are undeniably malnourished most times.

Who is a Poor Man?

A poor man is the man with a poor Mind, Lazy hands and Blind eyes. 
Every woman was made for enjoyment. Before the appearance of a woman in the life of man, God has given man everything he needs to take good care of the woman. So the woman only came to help build on what was on ground and enjoy everything good thing of life that God gave man. 
I want you to know as a woman that once you say Yes I do or Yes I will to any man, that man has the right to control and condition you for the rest of your life or so long that union lasts. 
You can meet a man that has nothing or doesn’t have much yet but you must be sure that in the nearest future the man will have all that he will need to give you a better future. Greatness is not achieved overnight but overtime. He may not be great today but his ways of life, his actions, thoughts and values should inform you where he is heading. 

1. A man with a Poor mind: The mind is the power House of everything the man does. His thoughts which make up what he becomes in life are processed in his mind. When his mind is poor, be sure that his thoughts will be poor and he will end up a poor person in life unless he changes his mind over time. Roms 12:2. Without the mind nothing happens and once the mind is not well fed with right information which can birth great ideas, poverty may be the case. The richness of your mind tells the richness of your life and the poorer your mind is, the poorer your life becomes.

2. Lazy Hands: Any man with lazy hands will have dry pockets. He must be a working man, always wanting to do. Not the fun and sleep lover. It is good to have fun, and it also good to have some sleep. But when these two are in excess it will affect the activeness of his hands. No great man across the globe became consistently great by having so much fun and sleep….because these 2 are dream killers. His hands must be ready to provide, share and give at all times. Because love and relationship grow where there is constant sharing.

3. Blind Eyes: The eye is a vital organ that gives light to the human’s body. However, there are other several significant uses of the eyes. It is literally for sight. God gave humans eyes to behold the beautiful things of life. Sometimes, until we see, we can’t desire. It takes both the natural and spiritual to live a good life on earth. While some have eyes for good things, some also have good insights or vision for good things to come. A man of good Vision sees the future before it comes. Future is hidden, it takes a man of a good vision to work things out for future. So it is highly recommendable to marry a man with vision, he might not have today but he will surely have tomorrow if he is consistent.

Now you know what I mean so I say again “Don’t marry a Poor Man”.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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