10 Signs to Know She Loves You for Who You Are, No.9 is the Most Important.

As a man, there is no better feeling than when she loves you for who you are. No man wants a woman whose love isn’t genuine or whose love is only influenced by superficial reasons.

When a woman is true about her feelings for you, there are several positive signs she exhibits. A lot of men (especially successful ones) find it difficult to get true love and that has left many men who are due for marriage in a single status for so long.

The following vital signs, among others, indicate when she loves you for who you are and not what you are:

  1. Signs of Acceptance: She is never in a hurry to ask you for change. It is a guarantee that someone who asks you to change your very essence will never ever be a right person for you, no matter how much you try to tell yourself. It’s very easy to convince yourself to change for them. But do you really want to? No, of course not. Always remember: there is someone out there who will never ask you to change – who will adore, accept and love you the way you are. Whether you have a bad habit of eating or sleeping or some of your behavior irritates her, she accepts the way you are. She never judges you. She will guide you. She will even scold you for your inadequate manners, but she will never misjudge you. She will accept and love you for who you are. She understands you are different from her. Dude! She is a perfect match for you!

2. She loves cooking your favorite meal: To win a man’s heart, the stomach is the way. And she knows it very well. She puts extra attention towards your meal. She keeps asking about your favorite dish and loves to cook it for you. Don’t forget: this is her way of showing love and care for you. These small signs are worth noticing.

3. She shows signs of concern for you: When you get sick, she takes care of you like a mother. When you are dealing even with small issues, she makes sure you don’t have to go through this all alone. You will find her as your back support. She will make sure to cheer you up when you are in bad mood. She will arrange a small date or she will be with you just to make you smile. These small signs show she is in deep love with you. She has already made a promise to be with you in your happy and bad times – to stand by you whether you like it or not.

4. She makes every occasion very special: Whether it’s your birthday or your first month anniversary, your first job or first day in college, she never forgets to make it special for you. Also, she gives you surprises for no reason. She actually will find any reason to make you feel special, or maybe she doesn’t need a reason at all. These signs clearly show how special you are to her. She loves you with her whole heart and constantly reminds you with her actions.

5. First and Last priority: When a woman truly loves you, she tries her best to start and end your day with you. It’s true that women can multitask so, if you are her priority she doesn’t forget to check you up or check things out with you. Being a priority is one of the must-watch signs of love.

6. She Values Your Relationship with Her: The success of every relationship largely depends on the women because women are emotional beings and easy to control or convince than men. The woman in love does not give a second thought when it comes to you and your relationship with her. She loves making memories with you. She is crazy for you, and she will do anything just to be with you. She may not tell you verbally, but she will give you signs to show you how much being with you mean to her. Don’t treat her as a second option. Appreciate her efforts.

7. She wants to know everything about you: Signs that she is totally into you. She loves listening to you. She wants to know about your family, your friends, your work, your childhood memories, your likes and dislikes, your interests, your hobbies, your turnoffs and turn-ons – everything. Trust me, guys; finding such girl is a blessing.

8. She loves to hang out with you: Your physical presence matters so much to her. Wherever she is going, she asks you to be with her. She wants to explore the city – the world – with you; she wants to do new things only with you. She loves your company, and she is comfortable with you. She also watches your signs to see if you also want the same from her. She wants to hold your hand and go on adventures where it’s only you and her. These signs show how much she adores you – how much she loves you.

9. Sign of Respect for You: A woman was specially made for man and divinely mandated to respect man. 1 Peter 3:1-7. The sum total of a woman’s love for you is embedded in the volume of respect she has for you. She respects your personality as a man, your vision and dreams, your desires, your likes and dislikes, your family and friends, your culture and traditions, your beliefs and values. She doesn’t like everything about you, she knows you are not always right but she respectfully draws your attention to her opinions and suggestions or advice. She is not interested in genda equality or thinks she has equal right with you. If you notice these signs in your woman, don’t hesitate to make her your queen.

10. She seeks your Counsel and Consent: She always makes sure to ask about your opinion. She will show you signs that your opinions matter to her a lot. She shares her every issue with you and seeks your guidance. She loves when you guide her – when you suggest what is right or wrong for her. She loves when you show interest in her. She wants you to reciprocate by valuing her opinions.

Everyone wants the perfect partner. Everybody needs true love in their life. One is incomplete without love in his/her life. Small signs of care – love – show how much a person is into you. Small signs of jealousy and even arguments prove how much a person loves you. If she passes every test, and if you notice all these signs in your girlfriend, never lose her. The fact is that she just can’t resist loving you, nor can she imagine herself without you.
Make her special, appreciate her efforts. She is unique and deserves every worthy of your attention and love. She is giving you the love you are searching for. You should not be asking for more. This article shows the clear signs of true love and a true girlfriend. As a man, if you found all these signs in your girlfriend, you should never leave her. Just go to her, grab her waist, and tell her that you love her too – you want to spend your life with her.
Don’t waste time testing her patience! Until now, you have been her crush, but it’s time to express your love for her. Show her signs that she is the only one in your life before it’s too late. Bend down on one knee and propose to her, and just look at her at that particular moment how glowingly happy she will be. I hope these signs really help you figure out if she truly loves you!
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