7 Salient Reasons you should Quit your Relationship. No1 is important.

The joy of initiating a relationship is not as sweet as the joy derived from it if it works out. Marital joy is in short supply today because many has entered into regrettable marriages which is an offshoot of a toxic relationship. To be frank, breaking a relationship is a serious emotional task that may have a devastating effect on you if not handled very well. However, a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage.
Save yourself of marital trauma by calling it quit if you notice any of the following signs:

1. Distance from God:
God is the inventor of marriage, He knows how to make it work. So, he must be the foundation for it to be fulfilling and rewarding. If you’re in a relationship with someone that’s not having personal relationship with God, not born again, sees nothing special in attending church or studying the Bible, you need to step on your vehicle brake and stop it instantly.It is a deadly risk to hang on with an unbeliever in a relationship.

2. If you’re not yourself: If you noticed that you’re not your real self whenever you’re with your partner, always acting emotionally imbalance and afraid of your partner’s reaction to whatever you say or do, you bottled your emotions, reactions, opinions in the presence of your spouse, you’re panicked about being judged by him or her, you’re not free to express yourself and you feel frustrated in the presence of your partner, that means you’re in a controlling relationship. For such to work in marriage system, that means you must be a fool in that union.

3. Always putting you down: Being in a relationship with someone that always puts you down, destroys your self-esteem and making you feel like a nonentity is a reason to think of backing out. Is he or she fond of insulting you, calling you names and embarrassing you in the public ? To him or her, you’re always wrong, you can’t please him or her no matter how you try? These are practical questions you need to answer by yourself and for yourself before taking the next step forward or backward.

4. Twin Game: Twin games is when your partner is seeing someone else apart from you and the heart is divided between two people. Anyone that’s not having 100% love for you in courtship is not trustworthy, don’t allow such to waste your time.
Before he or she breaks your heart, be fast enough to give him or her a red card. When a partner is double-dating, he or she does a lot of contrast and comparison. It’s not right to try put people in others shoes, Everyone is unique and special in their own ways. Your partner should love you for who you are and not for who someone else is.

5. If he or she Keep putting you in the shadow: Beware of that fellow that keeps you and the relationship in the dark by not allowing people to know that you’re in a relationship and not introducing you to his or her parents, family members, pastor, mentor and friends. Anybody who truly loves and cherishes you won’t dilly dally telling everyone that matters to him/her about you. Once the above situation is the case, it is a sign that something is fishy.

Lack of Assurance: There is no fear in love; “but perfect love casteth out fear, because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love” 1 John 4:18-20. Relationship or courtship is an experience, an existing reality and both partners needs to be twice sure of the physical existence of what they want before getting into marriage. You will need to ask yourself some questions like:
Am I worried about my partner’s behaviours when I’m not together? Is my heart full with anxiety that something is not right with this fellow? When you have lost relationship excitement, full of doubts or emotionally drained, take time some time out to allow your inner spirit work on your mind.

7. Frequent Quarrels: Frequent quarrels in a relationship is a dangerous signal revealing that both of you are not compatible. It takes compatibility to build a successful relationship. Whenever you’re with your partner and he or she picks up an offence at every slightest opportunity to the point that you keep malice, report to friends and families before you can settle…..
Beware! It is a pointer to problematic marriage of tomorrow.

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