3 Significant Things You need to know when a Lady flashes smiles at you.

I know some ladies love to smile and it is good because smiling helps to put us in good mood which naturally gives us good personality.

In some other instances, smiles mean so many things. With a smile expression on someone’s face, you can psychologically read the person’s mood, feelings and emotions.

However, there are three (3) significant meanings when a lady smiles at you:

  1. When a lady gives you sexy smiles, it means she is either in love with you or she is sexually attracted to you. Ladies are naturally not prone to showing their inward feelings towards a guy at once. They rather would pretend just for the sake of maintaining their innate pride as women in order not to appearing to be too cheap to the men.
  2. Her smiles carry vital information about how she feels at that instance about the man. You should and must be smart enough to deduce her message correctly without making her feel awkward. The smile of a lady is very expensive, especially when it carries information about her feelings and emotions, since it is a known fact that women are emotional beings. Their emotions are as important to them as their personalities. She just could be trying to tell you….”babes I’m Horny or guy I want you right now or guy I need some money” etc.

3. When she smiles during a particular context, it means she likes, love, approves or she is satisfied with the immediate past or present or future event which has largely appealed to her emotional dispositions. For instance, if she smiles at you after sex, it means she was satisfied with the way you did her. Which means she is happy with you.

So I would largely advised that guys should pay close attention to the smiles of ladies at them in order to get the right information to avoid mismanaging their emotions or feelings. Because her smile is her happiness.

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